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shocker's journey to 20/20 master race
I have experienced this many times. When I have improvements- I remember times in my life when I had perfect vision or was just starting to get a strained mind. They come in flashes- I think the mind associates various states with certain thoughts and feelings even for something like strain. Although, the word strain becomes less and less useful for me as time goes on. Its a feeling and a impulse that likely varies from person to person. Keep it up, don't let it become too mechanical I made that mistake the first few months of bates method and it made things much worse.
For me I think the memories are associated with feelings rather than times when I had no glasses. Although to be fair I've had glasses since I was 7-8 so it's not like I have a huge memory bank to draw from.

A call for help

I need to be able to drive within the next 2 weeks. I always thought if push comes to shove, I could just wear some undercorrected glasses or my old ones, but after last night I'm not so sure. I watched a foreign movie with english subs last night while wearing my reading glasses and the strain was taking up so much of my attention. It's the dynamic nature (constantly moving) of the strain which drives me nuts. I don't feel safe driving if this persists.

To be fair this was indoors. I'm going to test how I respond towards long distance gazing. But would appreciate some suggestions.

Should I start wearing glasses for long distance more often till my eyes "get used" to it or something? Or should I try driving no glasses with my readers on hand for emergency distance viewing on secluded roads/during times of low traffic?
How experienced are you as a driver?
I would say I'm quite experienced. I'm always the designated driver. I just came back from a drive (with a passenger to make sure I don't dun goof of course).

I took my glasses with me but ended up not needing them. I think muscle memory helps quite a lot.

I have to say driving is quite therapeutic. My eyes were relaxed more than usual, and I had quite a few flashes (non that were mutli blink though =( ).

I believe it's due to me having to shift my attention so much, and how nothing I see is fixed but changing distances. It's kind of like practising clark's switching technique.

To be fair, I was driving on familiar roads so I didn't have to be as active. It was also somewhat sunny and I just had a cup of tea, so I was alert.

One concern is how I would respond to new stimuli like construction zones or new roads. For obvious reasons night driving is out of the question for now.

I think I'm going to make a daily drive a part of my routine if conditions are favorable.


Something I noticed is that my clearest flashes come when I make a non concious shift in attention. Like when I'm walking I'll be looking at the ground but then have to look up to make sure I'm not hitting a tree. It's kind of automatic. For driving I had some good ones when focusing back on the road ahead of me after doing a shoulder check. I'm not sure of how to stimulate these kinds of flashes more frequently other than to put myself in situations which warrant it. Such as going for walks or riding a bike etc.
To drive legally (and safely) you need to be able to see well enough according to the laws of your area. It's 20/40 in NY, and if you can't see that well consistently without glasses, you'll need to wear them to drive. You can put them on top of your head periodically when it's easy to see, then put them back on your face when you feel like you need them. I found it annoying to keep taking them off and on when I went through this stage, but I knew it was better than leaving the glasses on and looking through them when I didn't need them. It was interesting to watch myself wear my glasses mostly, then less and less until it started raining or something and got darker, then hardly at all. I moved from feeling anxious without glasses (will I be able to see well enough?) to not wanting to wear them because they interfered with my peripheral vision and the increased clarity felt brittle and artificial, not soft and easy.

Don't think in absolutes, and don't put so much pressure on yourself. If you need to wear glasses to drive, it does not mean you're a failure at NVI. It just means you still have room for improvement.
Oooh wearing them on my head is a good idea, then using them only when necessary. I was freaking out because of the strain I experienced last night while wearing them during the movie, but I guess wearing glasses indoor in terrible lighting would probably do that.

I'm going to try the hybrid approach tomorrow.
Strain is a message from your body saying "Don't do this to me! Stop it!". That's all. Find an easier way to do the task, with or without glasses. Your eyes and mind will thank you.
I've been reading a book on trading, and one thing I learned about is how our brains tend to filter out information unfavorable to us. One example is when you're in a trade that's losing, and instead of cutting your losses you keep letting it run. Now the market has already told you to get out, you have the signals to leave and cut your losses. But then you begin doing more analysis and find somewhat favorable information telling you to stay while filtering additional information telling you to close.

I asked myself if I've been doing this to other parts of my life, such as vision training. My initial goal when starting this was simple, I just want to be able to read without having to worry about my convergence breaking. Though I'd liked to believe I had some slight improvements int he convergence department, reading is still a PITB.

Anyways I'm ending my no exclusive no glasses experiment. I've been without them since April. I'm tired of being dependent on people, and I don't think I have much to show for my progress. I'm not saying I regret this nor that I'm entirely done with vision improvement. I'm going to begin wearing my distance glasses more frequently so I can begin driving and doing other tasks. I'm also going to begin doing vision therapy to help correct my vergence issues.
There is man on here somewhere, about 2-3 years ago. Had strabismus from doing the 3-cups, artificial 3-D.

He found a very good behavioral optometrist who taught him the correct, special way to do the 3-D and other stuff to reverse the problem.

Search for a man that was complaining about the 3-cups exercise.

Here is one discussion;

He contacted me in the past but I forgot his name. He also had to go to a doctor to fix his neck after a chiropractor goofed it up. Don't remember if he took a chance and went to another chiropractor.


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