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Bates method could cure cataracts??

My father had postponed cataract surgeries for 10 years (because one of his colleague lost an eye upon the operation and my mother's uncle died from the operation). Last week, his ophthalmologist warned him that this is his last chance for the operations because the lenses are becoming harder to break with age... (Is this true?) My father had try for a year drops that were supposed to melt away the cataract (from UK I think) but without result up to now. Now, he thinks he can undergo the operation and I've read that the risk of this operation on old persons is often underestimated... (We were told the doctor that is going to perform the operation is not known for now. I've read that the success of the operation is strongly correlated with the experience of the doctor.... :o ) On another hand, I came to start to read the Bates method because my eyesight seem to lower slowly and my children seem to need eyeglasses.

I've read that the Bates method could cure cataracts?? ???

Where can I find a teacher of the Bates method? We live in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada (near Montreal)

Thank you for your help ! Smile
One of the biggest impacts the original Bates book made on me was the image of him squeezing a fish's eye between his fingers to make the lens visibly cloudy, then releasing his finger pressure to let the lens clear up. Stress and strain cause cataracts, and relaxation relieves them! OK, that said, a lot of our habits of straining our visual system are unconscious, since our brains are much more complex than a fish brain! The more you can do to relax, especially with something like palming, the better off your eyes (and the lenses in them) will be. If you feel yourself nervous or anxious or rushing or straining, you're probably straining your eyes too, so slow down and breathe deeply and easily. Start learning about the Bates Method, which is common sense to a large degree. This website is a great resource, and yes, many people have reduced their cataracts with the Bates Method.

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