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Am I supposed to be seeing this?
Hi there, I'm new here, and I have been practicising these eye exercises, palming, shifting, central fixation and all.

Just want to report my progress and see whether I'm doing it properly?

First few days, I used an old pair of glasses.
(Current prescription is -5.50 and -1.50 for both eyes)
The older pair is (-3.50 and -4.75 without astig)
I had severe headaches, but I feel better after a few days.

After a while, I started on central fixation, shifting and palming.
I realised that during central fixation (no glasses of course), I started seeing certain words/letters clearer/blacker than others when put under certain position from my eyes.
My eyes - eyeballs, started moving around like crazy, like it was searching on something on the page. I did not even voluntary shift my eyes.
I was like, wow what's that.

While walking back home (without glasses), I started noticing that the things around me had more depth, like I could see more - even though my vision was blurry.

Is this placebo?

Hope to hear from you guys Smile


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