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Finally, got 20/20 crystal clear vision – my Updated success
shocker Wrote:May I ask what specifically you did with "practise with snellen test card"?

I mean you stand 20 feet (or less, just stand where you still can recognize some letters on the snellen chart. Then move your point of view from one part of the letter to another part of the letter. When you done with one letter, move on to another letter. Just keep moving your point of view. That practice helped me to get a lot of clear flashes, and overtime my eye sight getting better.

lou_deg Wrote:ho, great job and it is encouraging to hear about your recovery. I really need to do some long swinging. You persevered in practicing long swinging daily. Why do you think it is so useful? Do you swing your vision left to right, or all possible directions? Do you do this mainly looking at things indoors or outdoors (medium or long range)? -thanks, Lou

I like long swing because:

+ it is very effective . It keeps my eye moving. Overtime it trains me to regain shifting habit. You know, you just need good habit of shifting and central fixation and you get perfect eye sight. That’s all. Long swing helps me with shifting.
+ it’s easy to do. Just swing left to right then right to left. Very simple. I like to do it outdoors..
+ It’s not time consuming. It just takes me a few minutes to do it every time. So practicing long swing 5 times a day for me is not a problem.

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