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Finally, got 20/20 crystal clear vision – my Updated success

Happy to listen your success story....

Im also following some Dr.Bates methods. Thanks for the experience.

Can you explain what are the clear flashes? While working on snell card with blinking I can see next line clearer but after some time it comes back to normal. Is that called clear flash?
Im not working right now and working full time on my eyesight improvement. I left my glasses 2 months back my improvements till date are,

Right eye : - 5.5D with 0.5 cyl to - 4.5D without cyl
Left eye : -3.25D to -2.5D

These improvements occurred in just 2 days after taking off my glasses completely. I am following Leo angart eye exercises (for 1hr), Long swing (trying to do 50 times a day but sometimes I skip), working with snell card (looking a foot away from letter and imagining more darker and clearer letter and after looking to letter on chart makes the letter dark), trying to do switching whenever possible with objects around the house , learning to breath freely most of the time, habituated blinking smoothly and frequently (around once every 2-3 sec ),sketching whenever possible (looking borders of objects in the house), palming with Greg Marsh CD program (Audio Guided activity) 2 times a day for 25min each, sunning one time a day for 15min in the early hours. for centre fixation Im trying to move eyes(smoothly from one corner to other) on a black dot (around 2cm) from a certain distance (around 10ft) without stain (This black dot thing I read some where in the internet).
Most important thing is learning to live without glasses, more of attitude and posture changes (overcoming perfectionism, not taking tension in every small daily life aspects, relaxing shoulder whenever there are getting stressed, packed my television set to store room). Changed my diet to more healthy that before, i worked as a software developer, now I spangly use.....there are too many, giving 100% effort to relax.

Hope I get some advice what shall I do to get improvement in eyesight....
Im not a native speaker, sorry for mistakes in language.


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