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Finally, got 20/20 crystal clear vision – my Updated success
johnwayne Wrote:U DA MAN!!!!!! O0 O0 O0 O0 O0

I'm just curious ... did/do you ever palm at all?


I did not palm. I tried it sometime and I didn’t like it. But I think it is useful for other people. I just prefer swinging and working on snellen chart and reading fine print on computer screen.

Squirrel Monkey Wrote:So you never wore glasses from the day you started?

In the beginning I had to bring glasses with me just in case I need it. But I had reduced prescription.. When I was -2.5 D, I bought -2 D glasses. I used my glasses very rarely. For example if I was droving and got lost and wanted to read the street name, I put on my glasses and then took it off. I think that I used my galsses no more than 10 minutes/day. As my vision improving, I didn’t need to bring my glasses with me as often. Now I don’t remember where my glasses are Big Grin I think I lost my glasses lol

athidi Wrote:Congrats!!!!

Happy to listen your success story....

Im also following some Dr.Bates methods. Thanks for the experience.

Can you explain what are the clear flashes? While working on snell card with blinking I can see next line clearer but after some time it comes back to normal. Is that called clear flash?

Hi Athidi, I think what you got is a form of clear flash. If you keep working, you will experience a 20/30 or even 20/20 clear flashes. That mean with a 20/20 clear flashes, you can read 20/20 line from 20 feet (6 metters). At first, a clear flash often disappear after you blink.

I see that you have learnt a lot about Bates method. Keep the good work, try all the exercises, find the exercises that you like and that work for you. Keep practice them and enjoy better vision every month. (or even every week).

Pallavi Wrote:So every week the computer screen was put 5 cms further. Could you feel your vision stabilizing in one week for that particular distance which you practiced working on your computer before you decided to move the computer screen ahead for another 5 cms? or you just thought that it would be better to move it further every week and the focus would stabilize eventually?

I work with computers too and it would be wonderful if I tried this too!

Hey, 5cm further every week was what work for me. Usually after one week, I can work quite comfortable on my computer. Not perfect but comfortable enough. Then I move my computer screen 5 cm further. I think you just need try and find out how long and when to move the screen further by your self . It is just a principle that work for me: move the screen further every week.

If you decide to try this method, prepare for some terrible headaches. I mean awful headache. But after the headache gone, I got better vision. So “no pain no gain” is true for me Big Grin

Now my favorite exercise is :reading fine prints on computers. But read letter by letter (not word by word). What does that mean? For example, a sentence like this:

“The Sky Is Blue”

Usually, you read like this: “The”, then move to “sky”, then move to “is”, then move to “Blue”.

Reading fine print like this still helps me to improve vision. But I find a better way to improve my vision. In stead of reading word by word, I read letter by letter. So what I read now is:

“T” then “h” then “e” then “S” then “k” then “y” “I” “s” “B” “l” “u” “e”

To prevent my habit of reading word by word, I use google to translate the fine print to Portuguese or Dutch Big Grin

This exercise is my favorite now and my vision keeps improving, especially night vision.

Hope everyone has good result!

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