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Finally, got 20/20 crystal clear vision – my Updated success
Pallavi Wrote:Thank you for the advice! I did try this method. It does get a little uncomfortable when I read words at a particular distance (distance from where I can see a little better though not that clear) from the computer..because sometimes the letters are clear and after sometimes when i blink again, i see the letters and words become blur or look double. I blink, breathe and try to remove tension from my neck, shoulder muscles. However, i didnt experience headaches as of now..I hope to get some success and if it works, i'll post my reuslts!


That is exactly what happened to me too. But that is the purpose of my exercise. Your eyes have to “work” and get used to the distance. And when it gets stronger and get used to the distance, we increase the distance. If you feel too much uncomfortable and it slows down your work too much, just put the screen not too far so you still can work effectively. Hope that help.


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