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Finally, got 20/20 crystal clear vision – my Updated success
Congratulations ho_from_vietnam!

I find it fascinating that you have used computers which are considered as a weakness by many to the eye to cause it to strengthen instead. I never knew this was possible. As a technology admirer this gives me hope.

Nonetheless, I have 2 questions:

For many years I have played video games and I have blamed them for my eyesight deterioration. Do you think they could be different than reading the letters from the computer and actually really bad for my eyes?

Secondly, did you only suffer from myopia or was there some astigmatism involved too? Although my vision has improved quite a bit since I destroyed my glasses, I find it more of a problem that I suffer from double and triple vision most of the time than even my myopia itself. In other words, at 20 feet, sometimes, I am even sadly unable to read the big first letter E due to vision being double and triple. Yet after a few seconds or minutes, I randomly look again and I see all the way to the 4th line at 20/50 sometimes also farther than 20 feet I see that line clear and a glimpse of the 5th. I find it so frustrating how for 4 months now my vision is constantly fluctuation from about 20/300 to 20/50 or better but never permanently changes to 20/50. I wish there was something I could do to grasp it permanently. It's like a slippery frog that keeps escaping me that vision. At first it was super fun cause I never thought flashes could exist, but now after 4 months I'm a little sad to not be able to seize a permanent improvement. That astigmatism! Worse than myopia itself! Any tips?


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