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Finally, got 20/20 crystal clear vision – my Updated success
(01-12-2014, 11:05 AM)clarknight Wrote: Been re-reading Johnathon Barnes book lately;

It has provided more ways to learn, apply shifting. He talks about the eyes tracking, scanning and other movements. It really loosens things up. Lot of good stuff in the book. Lately been doing longer shits; across the whole eyechart and center on one point of a letter, then move to a diff letter, just moving across the chart, letters without staying on any letter. Only 1-3 points shift on a word or letter, then off to another; whole area is very clear. Great relaxation.

One thing was interesting and answered a question I placed in response to one of the articles on fusion, 3-D;

On page; 56, 57 he teaches some of the autostrerograms pictures (I call it artificial 3-D). Myself and others had experiences double vision and a wandering eye from it so I stayed away from it, used the old time Bates method and got the problem corrected. One guy chose to go to a behavioral optometrist to fix it.

My question to Nancy in the article on the 3-D was; when looking at 2 circles; one red, one blue; placed side by side; the person looks before or beyond the picture until the 2 peripheral circles form a illusion of a 3rd circle in the central field (though is not truly in the central; this is one reason the practice can goof up your vision); why is it that if I think red; the red circle appear. If I think blue, the blue circle appears. How and what part of the brain, eyes are doing this and why can I not see the red and blue at the same time? (Circles are overlapped in the illusion.)

Recently I tried the method in Barnes book, thinking it wont hurt me; I was able to stare in space and see the middle illusion of a red and blue pen merged together and keep both eyes, areas of the brain 'turned on' so both pens, colors red and blue appeared at the same time, or; when I wanted I could make only one color appear. Barnes explained some of this but I am still not clear on all of it. It was fun, as these pictures are, but; later that night I woke up with the vision frozen, doubled and kind of dizzy. I wont go back to playing with these pictures. Lot of very good teachers put this in their books but I don't like it. It has goofed me up now 4 times. 3 in past experimenting. Much more after neck injury. Some parents with kids; 'strabismus' said that "done a certain way only by an eye doctor; it can correct some type of strabismus but I prefer to stay with Dr. Bates method. He had some techniques of teaching seeing double... and it worked. I am studying this more. Would like to try 'master' it without goofing up my eyes.

Point of story; I wonder if the computer has some extra, stronger type of artificial 3-D that tv does not? Both give an illusion of objects on a flat surface appearing to be at different distances. I don't like the new flat screen tv with the intense 3-d or the video games, especially up close. So Ho has caught onto something here! The autostrereogram pictures are also usually done looking up close. The computer; watching all this imitation 3-d, up close, long time and possibly more intense 3-d on the computer screen is the problem?

Does ho work with a lot of 3-d, videos, animated pictures or mainly plain text?

The farther away from the screen; the more other objects in the real environment, at various distances with true 3-d are seen.
Mary, hi. Everyone is different, so what works for me may not work for you. I said in the 3D article ( that the Magic Eye pictures have helped me, and I feel a sense of relaxation when looking at them. If you feel strain, don't do them! Your eyes and brain are saying "No!" so the best thing to do is to listen, and do another exercise instead. I think just about anything can be done with strain, or with a relaxed attitude. So rather than focus on a particular exercise as The Answer, for myself and my students I'm focusing on how they feel when they're doing it, and what their mental state is.

I agree with you that being so close to a device you're looking at, that the periphery is cut out and you don't see any natural depth, is not a good thing! I also thought an advantage of the TV over the computer for vision training is that the TV is usually thought of as enjoyment and the computer usually "work", the optimum vs. pessimum idea again, or relaxation vs. strain. It all comes down to awareness, to me.

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