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Finally, got 20/20 crystal clear vision – my Updated success
A note about print pushing;

Moving the print farther and farther away is effective. It is Dr. Bates original method of reading the smallest letters at increasing distances from the eyes.
(And for close reading vision, to reverse presbyopia; read fine and microscopic print closer and closer to the eyes and also at the farthest distances you can.)

It is done without glasses, no + plus lenses, no - minus lenses, no prisms, no eyeglasses, no contacts.
That's the true way to perfect eye health and clear eyesight at all distances.

This is one of Dr Bates original practices. It is only one small aspect of relearning to see, returning to normal relaxed use of the vision and clear sight.

Ho did a marvelous job in understanding and applying this. Result; success.


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