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Finally, got 20/20 crystal clear vision – my Updated success
I agree with arocarty

I find sometimes that tunnel vision occurs when people forget to shift, forget to look away from the computer, forget that there are other things to look at than the computer. On the computer; the blue sky, clouds, trees are in your peripheral; get away from the computer and look at them. Primitive man and woman were always visually active at close and far distances; hunting, creating pears, baskets, makeup...

The true Bates teachers DO teach print pushing; WITHOUT GLASSES. They teach to read fine print, microscopic print at closer and closer distances and farthest you can. They teach to read the eyeschart at close and various far distances.

I still have one of those Worcester, MA 30 day relentless flus, wiped out!, and I am here stressed, trying to keep the torch of the true Bates method alive and let the public know Aethersky is not the Bates method. He teaches a destructive method, posts semi-different on the Bates threads to pull people into reading his harmful method on his main threads. This is a total waste of my time.

Where are the new students that used to be here, the honest ones asking for help. They are discouraged by this Aethersky nonsense.

(lol) and smiley symbol.., others is a trademark of a banned member.

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