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Finally, got 20/20 crystal clear vision – my Updated success
(04-02-2014, 08:31 PM)ted Wrote: Where's your proof Bifocal?

Why do children like swings? Why do mothers rock their babies? Why do we like rocking chairs, or chairs that can swivel? I think it actually has something to do with Bates' swinging concept. That type of movement sort of breaks the stare. I think it has to do with the fact that the eye gets a new stimulus without necessarily having to move the eyes, and so it gets you used to perceiving new things effortlessly. Something along those lines.

Anyways, I've had a lot of help from swinging/swaying, and I don't really know if there's a limit on too much. But Bates' does say somewhere that doing it too fast may cause extra strain. I'm currently exploring that idea actually, by doing fairly fast circles while standing. It's a bit annoying, sort of like someone forcing you to do something that's good for you but you still don't want to. But then it sort of clicks and I realize relaxation and go with it. At that point I enjoy it much more than being still and want to keep it up.

That brings me to my last theory. I think people get car sick or sea sick because they are somehow resisting the apparent motion of everything around them. Maybe they are generally myopes?

He was talking about rocking continuously throughout the day,which is certainly not normal.
He said that he works at a computer eight hours a day. If he is already significantly myopic,he will never improve his vision ,unless he spends less time on the computer. The ugly truth is that after you become myopic,the only way to improve ,it to reverse what got you there in the first place,and that is near point stress.


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