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Finally, got 20/20 crystal clear vision – my Updated success
(04-03-2014, 07:06 PM)Bifocal Wrote:
(04-03-2014, 06:37 PM)ted Wrote: "The ugly truth is that after you become myopic,the only way to improve ,it to reverse what got you there in the first place,and that is near point stress."

It's not that black and white. After all, arocarty was able to improve his vision to 20/20 despite that fact that he spent, I think, 8 hours a day on a computer. If it's possible for someone to maintain perfect eyesight while being on the computer 8 hours a day, then it's possible, although more difficult, for a myope to regain normal sight while still at the computer.

Also, there's Bates technique of reading fine print, and reading fine print as close to the eyes as possible. I think there's something bad about close work, but it isn't the whole problem.

Arocarty posted that he was barely able to read the 20/175 line,so he just had mild myopia of about -2.00 glasses. This indicates that he had Cilllary myopia that had not yet progressed to Axial myopia. If ones prescription is beyond -3.00 that indicates that Axial myopia has set in,and then 20/20 may not be attainable,especially using the Bates Method.

Modern equipment that did not exist in Bates day.

Be accurate; I also posted that test with drops long ago ruled out ciliary myopia. In case you are not familiar, cycoplegic refraction is commonly used to determine the amount of true myopia. ('axial', or whatever you want to call it). Also posted had 1.5D of astigmatism.
Getting 20/15 for distance, now, indoors and out (probably even better outside), 20/15 at nearpoint. Not too shabby for wearing glasses for 25 years, and doing 8-10 hrs. of near work WHILE improvement came. (and frequently heaping extremely close nearpoint practice with fine print on top of that (4-8 inches). If just using the eyes at the nearpoint is the cause of all myopia, I should've been legally blind by how I treated my eyes. But I 'm sure you're not interested in any of that.

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