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Finally, got 20/20 crystal clear vision – my Updated success
Hammer that is philosophically beautiful, Thank You!
(04-04-2014, 03:17 PM)hammer Wrote: You need to understand that there is no such thing as time. Time is something that humans have created. Instead time is actually motion. If you understand this then it is very natural to constantly move your eyes and keep this easy principle always in your mind.


just to clear the air, I don't spend my whole day violently swaying side to side! I spend every moment at my computer enjoying the saccadic motion I feel as I move continuously left to right in the range of about 1in/3cm.

I use to be guility of asking the question of how long I should perform eye activities on a daily basis. One will no doubt gain by doing the swing for 5 minutes a day but they'll gain exponentially more by incorporating into their life thereby swinging continuously 24 hours a day. Hence my request for everyone to share ways they keep their eyes in motion.

As I'm typing this post, I'm realizing that oppositional motion can be noticed from the simple act of breathing!

Bifocal, thank you for your opposing view. It pushes us further!

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