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Judt began using carol looks programme for vision recovery using emotional freedom technique, so far I have noticed that anger is connected to a lot if vision problems. I myself would probably be described as emotionally reactive, someone could say something to me which will upset me a bit but then I always seem to remember memory's from my past which makes me even more upset and then I either lash out in anger or cry helplessly, usually both (mainly at home). If I'm at school however I will cling on to it all day. I also tend to react suddenly, the anger or sadness usually builds up rapidly. It's not something I'm proud of but I'm trying to work on it.

The reason I posted this was to find out if anyone else would have these experiences.
Good for you! It's surprising how many people have this, whether they have vision problems or not, yet don't admit it, let alone try to do something about it. My go-to emotion when I'm stressed is not anger but anxiety or fear, and EFT has helped me soften it a lot. I'm currently in a coaching program with Carol, working regularly one-on-one with a coach she trained and once a month with Carol herself in a group setting. I've done her eyesight program and go back to it occasionally, probably not as often as I should. (Thanks for the reminder!) My latest blog post was about this topic, as are many of my other posts, so feel free to explore my blog -- I've been chipping away at this for a while. Keep up the good work, and please keep letting us know how it's going.

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