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Visual vs. closed-eyed activities
As a high myope, I'm thinking that for now, no visual activity is going to be of any real help to me. Perhaps this isn't true for all high myopes, but for me any eye-chart work, shifting, swinging, etc. just causes frustration. My best bet is probably just to palm, sun, and feel around my closed eyes. Maybe do the long swing with closed eyes. Unfortunately, my body may be too messed up to do a good long swing.
Hey Daniel,

I've been experiencing your pain. I'm a high myope as well, can barely make out the big E at 10 ft away unless i blink a few times. It seems that progress for me has stalled.... in the progressive sense. What I mean is that my flashes are becoming slightly more frequent and last longer, bu tmy "base" eyesight seems to hardly improved.

Most of the exercises seem to give me strain.

But what I've noticed that as a high myope, my reading comprehension is crap. This means that I may miss minor yet crucial details in certain activities on the first few times around but catch it after frustration. One example is flashing letters on th snellen test card. Basically you look at a small part of a letter for 30 second while blinking and then close your eyes for 30 seconds. When you close your eyes you're supposed to see the letter. I though this meant try to generate it in my mind's eye and I was getting frustrated that I coudln't do it. Then after struggling and rereading the instructions, it turns out that I was supposed to literally just see it after clsoing my eyes without doing anything. The author even mentioned how it was supposed to appear but somehow I missed that detail. Anyways AI tried it, and holy smokes I saw the letter bright white once i closed my eyes! Though now I'm struggling to increase my distance without straining like crazy.

Anyways, just take a breather and go back to the basics and reread the bates stuff as if you're reading it for the first time. You might pick up something you missed.
shocker Wrote:I've been experiencing your pain. I'm a high myope as well, can barely make out the big E at 10 ft away unless i blink a few times.
Actually, -4.25 and -4.75 (which you posted on another thread) is mid-moderate on the myopia scale. I however am a true high myope, around -8. Granted, I'm sure your myopia seems high to you.
Okay bro I may not be "high" myopia but I was just saying that I felt similar things in regards to stalling progress and how nearly all vision training gave me strain. Not saying my pain compares anything to yours, I was just giving an observation on what may be causing my own progress to stall.
@Shocker: how's your imagination? Do you have any favorite objects you can remember, easily? (things with which you have only positive associations) You can even tie multiple things together in one thought, or memory. For example, I remember my room at the home I grew up in, I can recall the details, it being a place of rest, peace and quiet for the most part. I imagine other things in the room, baseballs, basketball, my favorite bike, etc. I'll shift in my mind on the details of these things, or from one thing to another. It takes some practice, like anything, and best to first do with the eyes closed. Then practice it with them open, looking at nothing particular, a blank wall or other devoid area is good in the beginning. Let the eyes just move with the memories, which they will automatically.
Memory and imagination are powerful tools, not to be underestimated. And I've found that they can be very useful, regardless of your level of vision, when you find yourself getting stuck trying to do something to make yourself see.




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