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Feeding Your Imagination (7-25-2013)
When I read a post on David's blog I often find my mind drifting though it at the end of the day when relaxing. Then more sinks in, can utilize it.

I tried his imagination suggestions and it works, helped me remember 3 of my TV channels to switch back and forth on. In my memory, imagination I imagined the channels in a row. This also helped keep the small channel numbers clear on the screen at 18 feet, which are not always clear after a day on the computer doing Photoshop, limited head, eye mobility and arm, neck tension.

I also noticed that by incorporating 'movement' when imaging the flower its easier; I imagine the flower moving; the breeze blowing it and/or a bee landing on it, making it move as he gathers pollen, jumping about the flower. I can also see the bee clear in my mind.

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