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Palming [help please]

I am new to this Bates Method, i just started about 4 days ago because i dont want to wear glasses to study (i am 17) and it totally makes me ugly, and people said that if i started wearing glasses i would wear them for the rest of my life and i dont want that. So i discovered the Bates Method and i started to do it. I bought a book many people said it was good ( you might not know it because it is in french: )

That was a little history... Now i have a problem (i dont know if its normal or not) after i do the palming exercise the morning or in the afternoon instead of seeing better i see blured, but i mean TOTALLY blured !!

Can someone help me because im not sure if i need to continue and also can you tell me if i continue when i will see properly (i have myopia left eye -1.25 and right eye -1.25) sorry if there are errors because i am french. THANK YOU O0
do you touch your eye balls with your palms when palming? that's may cause blurry vision for a short period of time. check if you're doing the exercise right.
yes i do (i always do it like this)

if im doing it wrong can you tell me how to do it properly ?

If something makes your vision worse, don't do it! Change what you're doing, find a local teacher...

Correct palming:

The hands are cupped and rest only on the outer edge of the cheekbones, face and eyebrow. do not put pressure on the cheekbones. The palm is positioned over the eye but does not touch the eye. Palming is done correctly with the eyes closed.

Be comfortable, support the elbows so that you are not hunched over.
Be sure you can breathe fully.

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