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Hello everyone,

I am doing the exercices (palming sunning blinking and balancing) before i go to bed. Is this the correct time to do it because its been a month im doing this and i have no impression that my sight is better, i think i even see less than before. I am actually at -1.5 in both eyes and im 14 so the reason im doing these exercices is to help me see the board at school instead of copying others ....
Sorry to ask it like that but can you tell me how to get flashes because i never get them...

Please people help me im really sad now i dont know what to do i will surely fail schoolbecause of this its not a joke im serious i dont want to wear glasses cause i hate it and it makes me look like a stupid guy. Please help me dont just read and say oh this is fake and i hopr he suffers and fails school please im asking from my heart im almost crying cause i remember when i was younger i could see perfectly and now all is blurred i dont even reconise people in the streets cause their face is blurred :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
Sounds like you are trying too hard. The best time for your eyes I would say is first thing in the morning as they and your mind have been rested to a degree overnight. Just be aware of your level of vision and when you have more fully woken up you could try a bit of gentle swinging. Relax and don't try to see. If anything, just see movement.

You need to find just one thing initially which you find relaxing and which works for you and just do that for a while. After this you may naturally be able to progress onto other techniques which don't work for you at the moment.

I am recommending swinging because it is considered to be the best thing to relax your eyes when palming isn't working. Swinging is easy and if it is done correctly and with a relaxed mind you should quickly induce a clear flash.

Your mental state isn't good right now so you must chill out and approach this the simplest and easiest way. Try what I have said and post back what happens and maybe we can go from there.


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