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How long does it take to go down 1 point?
Does this take 1 month, 3 months, or more?

I have been wearing -4 lenses for the past 3 weeks and have been measuring my vision on a snellen chart. Right now the bottom line is hovering between 2.2/4ft and 2.7/4ft. It really depends on the lighting in the room.

I started last September, my original prescription was -7, I bought -6.. and for pretty much for 8 months wore the -6 lenses. In July I started wearing -5, but went traveling in August so I wore my -6 again. Got in September ordered -4's.. I'm wearing the -4's now 24/7.

All I'm doing is trying to be aware of central fixation. When I go outside I look at the smallest detail possible, and make sure my eyes are always moving around and relaxed. I tried the swinging/swaying for a bit, and some palming, but don't really do it as much, as I read that central fixation takes care of everything. I use the snellen to measure my eyes.

My font on my computer is also set to small and I try to read small text most of the time.

When I walk around with the -4's, one moment when I blink I have clear vision, then I blink again and it's gone.. and it's like this whole day. Clear flashes come and go, depending on the blink.

I can't tell if I'm improving or not??
I feel like I'm pointing out the obvious, but if you used to wear -7s and are now comfortable in -4s, in the space of about a year, that's certainly improvement to me! I'd say keep doing what you're doing as it's clearly working for you.
Well the thing is, I don't know if my vision has improved, or I've just gotten used to bad vision..

If I put on my -6 I will see better..
Qlue Wrote:I tried the swinging/swaying for a bit, and some palming, but don't really do it as much, as I read that central fixation takes care of everything.

Not sure where you read that..... but central fixation is not necessarily something you 'do,' but rather a state that reflects you're not doing anything. When nothing is done, the eye can operate at peak efficiency, the fovea is most sensitive, and things are seen best where one is looking, which is constantly on the move. When one begins to strain, consciously, or unconsciously, the fovea is the first area of the retina to malfunction to one degree or another. You can shift all day long on spots, but if there is any accompanying strain or tension foveal vision will always remain compromised. When the strain is relieved, as you have experienced, for brief moments, you get clear flashes, and they will go as fast as they come as you quickly return to a state of strain. Developing awareness of what you are injecting into the seeing process, and learning to avoid that is a key to keeping those flashes alive.

As Nancy has said, keep doing what you're doing - it most certainly is an improvement if you are getting clear flashes with your -4s, as you never had done that before, nor ever thought you could, no? Take a deep breath, blink slowly, sense what's happening in there that creates hard, tension-filled blinks. It involves all sorts of muscles in your face, around you eyelids, around your eye sockets. The strain itself is mostly unconscious, but it cannot hide those symptoms if you direct you attention to it. They are clues to patterns of thought, and or emotions that keep fueling the fire. Keep asking yourself - what is it that brings me better vision? What helps me relax the most? Forget about what brings worse vision - else you'll keep doubting yourself. You've no need to have doubts, as it looks like you are doing very well indeed.
When the eye shifts to a new point (object, part of a object or object at a new distance) the eyes refraction (focus of light rays) resets for the new object, part, distance and there is a small temporary error of refraction 'blur' during this process. When the vision is perfect or near perfect, the mind relaxed, this blur is not seen; 'isn't noticed' so the vision remains clear.

When the vision needs improvement and the eye's shifting... is not perfect, sometimes this temporary blur and refocus is slower (due to tension in the mind, eyes, eye muscles, neck, body. Especially if glasses are worn.) so the blur is noticed and can last longer.

Blinking causes the eyes to shift, thus the refocus occurs when you blink.

Try going without glasses and see if the flashes of clarity last longer and if blinking, shifting occur with less loss of the clarity. Effort to hold onto a clear flash by not blinking, using effort to see, less shifting, worrying why the flash disappeared will cause tension and prevent more and longer lasting flashes.

Think you are ready for even weaker glasses? Maybe just have them ready. When you go without glasses for a while and the vision improves, sometimes it does not immediately show up as clearer vision; it's kind of a underlying thing in the visual system. If you keep avoiding the glasses, suddenly the next level of clarity occurs. You might find yourself in -2.50 and onto freedom.

Engage your mind; You can use central fixation but do it naturally; watch a bird flying around, landing on a fence, trees. Follow it into a far tree; where is it moving to, what parts are visible? Did you lose him, nope, there he is! Notice small parts of the bird but don't hold onto any one part. You can shift on tiny parts; practice some 'point to point' (tiny detail to tiny detail) stuff but let the eyes move where your mental interest is going. Don't try to hold each point, not even for a second. Dr. Bates says the eye moves to a new point every fraction of a second and even faster. These are fixationS because the eyes are always shifting.

Just let it all flow easily, completely free eye-visual-mental attention movement. My teacher Thomas Quackenbush says to "forget about your eyes. Use your vision". Get your mind out there, enjoying the scenery, world in action. Practice is good, but constantly trying to control the eyes function, every little shift, fixation blocks true, completely natural eye-vision function. Blink, relax. If a 'pulling' tension is felt; let go. Tension means effort, interference with the eyes natural movement.

Practice, then don't practice; just watch that birdie fly around, relax, relax, let the mind travel with it. Blink, shift, travel through the trees, along the river, the far horizon with the bird. Some people like to imagine doing this on a small insect, a bee, or butterfly when palming, then do it on a real one.

Blink and shift without effort, let go, let go and that fine tuned central fixation with the eyes fovea will occur 'on its own' making the entire field, everything you look at perfectly clear. Just remember; turn and face the thing you want to see. Avoid the habit of looking out the corners of the eyes or placing the object of attention in the peripheral field of the retina, vision. Use your fovea, central vision and the central and peripheral will be at maximum function, their maximum clarity. (The head/face usually moves with the eyes, in the same direction. This improves, produces automatic central-fixation.) Fixation does not mean to fix on a point. Try to invent a word that induces the thought of movement; like centralizing or...

Going to do a video on this soon. So much easier to describe than typing.
Hey Clark really rinfomrative post.

I apologize in advance for the derail.

Quote:Blink, relax. If a 'pulling' tension is felt; let go.

What if every time I release this pulling tension my fusion breaks (eyes diverge)? Sometimes it requires an effort to regain fusion, should I just let it stay in the unfused state and continnue reading away until it decides to refuse on its own?
Hey Shocker, thanks.

Ha-Ha, no biggie, none of us can be sure who we're talking to on the Internet.

Sometimes people burn me out. I get passionate about protecting people, rant too much sometimes but then when someone gets messed up from a method that's not Bates then I wish I had said something. Was already burnt out from people before incident on here with the Plus Guys;
A hacker sent a young guy from Poland near Russia to pose for them asking for vision help then saying he's not doing his practice, can't understand... then kept asking for my password to my website so he can help improve it. After saying no to him 3x, then, (I don't know how they did it!) they infected Skype during a call from him. He had me click a button on the camera and I was typing. Contacts were suddenly filled with many names of strange people from Poland, Russia with z, x, y... in the names. Like the Kazekage, Kyazekage e-mail virus attacks on many vision groups, teachers and my computer this past year. Norton cleared it up. Shocker; if you have any advice on this, how it could have been prevented so I don't even need Norton please let me know. Would welcome your help. I'm still not the best with computer functions especially when up against professionals using skills to hack. Was total waste of my time training for weeks. And its always done free. Could have been helping someone that really needs it.

So, it's stressful to spend much time in e-mail, on Skype, websites training people who do not do the lessons or are not really needing Bates method vision help.

Qlue is easy to help because he try's, he listens to us and 'does the work'. I don't mind posting extra for people like him. Prefer to stay on a thread like this one that's positive.
sorry for offtopic mods but have to post it

I am that young guy from Poland who asked you for help in vision improvement, we have contacted on Skype but in fact i stopped doing bates pratice as my eye doctor said it might be harmful with my kind of eye illness. Don't know what's wrong with that. I want to pratice, i pratice - if not i stop, that's all.

I also proposed you my help in improving your website but I have NEVER asked you for any kind of password and you have NEVER sent me any if it. I just said you might use wordpress and some free theme but that's all. No passwords or any kind of things as you said you had spent a lot of cash for people who actually broke your website, lol.

"He had me click a button on the camera and I was typing" lol. The internet connection speed between us was very very low that the sound was almost indistinguishable so I advised you to turn off your camera as it helps in such cases. any person who knows a little bit more about computers can tell you this.

I don't know what some people did to you as it's not my buisness but i felt really offenced by your words saying I've been working with hackers. I've just been intersted in Bates but as it gave me no results i quited it.

next time please think over it several time before posting such rubbish and without contacting for explanation.

all of best,
Hi Yankes,

I remember you here and on Skype. I did not say or think you did this hacker thing. The guy I am talking about is from the edge of Russia area. Your a different student from inland Poland.

The reason I had to stop teaching you was because you are 18 and you kept saying your parents keep telling you not to contact me, that they are afraid of the Bates method. Your the slender boy with light brown hair, glasses? I though you were a good student but the conflict with the eye doctor and the parents and Bates method training has to be resolved before I can teach you.

As stated before; I will teach you if your parents give permission and are on Skype with you.

Your parents do not want you to use the Bates method so I cannot teach you without their permission.



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