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does this work to amblyopia ??
hi, I'm 24 right eye was -8 and has been undergo lasik...and my left eye is -18 with cylnder 6 (not lasikable)...
my left eye has amblyopia or lazy eyes since it's already -13 since I was even if my left eye is wearing -20 glasses it still can.t see clearly...

can this method help my condition ?? should i train my left eye only ?? my left eye can only read standard book font from 1-3 cm distance...

thank you
Whatever your visual condition, the Bates Method can only help, by reliving strain from your eyes and mind, some of which you may not even realize is there. Meir Schneider grew up reading Braille, and was measured at about -46 when he first started seeing, and now drives without glasses legally. With your strong prescription, you'll need a dedicated individualized program guided by a team of a Bates teacher and a behavioral optometrist to help you adjust to weaker and weaker glasses gradually, and teach you healthy habits of using your eyes and mind and body. It's too bad you had Lasik, but people who have can still benefit from the Bates Method. The "lazy" eye is not lazy, it's just so strained it's mostly given up on the job of seeing, and needs to be gently coaxed back.

This is NOT a quick fix, like a pill you take which relieves your symptoms but does not cure the underlying problem. Your awareness and habits will need to change in a major way, like everyone who has success with this method. Yes, it's possible. Many people with worse visual conditions than yours have improved using these practices.

I asked a few people to also post this for you because I did not want to fill up the forum with my posts, but they have not done that yet and I want to be sure you get this information;

You should also be aware of this before practicing;

Because the cornea has been altered, its shape, thickness changed; if the eyes change shape, back to normal 'as The Bates Method will cause them to do as the eye muscles relax'; the cornea will not be in the shape it should be in to fit the eye; they can conflict.

Some people do gain clear sight with Natural Eyesight Improvement practice after lasik, but; Read the Warning, Directions pdf FIRST, on the bottom of this page;

Also here;

Then you can download all the books, videos free and learn this method.
Work with a Bates Method eye doctor.

Lasik places a prescription in the eyes cornea. Like an eyeglass prescription for myopia, presbyopia...
If the vision becomes more impairedmonths, years... after the surgery; the eyesight will be unclear because the lasik prescription will be like a TOO WEAK eyeglass lens.

If the vision improves with practice of the Bates Method or just naturally without even practicing; the vision can become unclear because the lasik prescription will be like a TOO STRONG eyeglass lens.

So; if your vision became more unclear after the lasik; you might be able to improve it to the state it was in at the time the lasik was done so the cornea and eye's shape match; vision will be clear. But, if the eyes shape, vision improves all the way to completely normal; the lasik might be as a 'TOO STRONG' eyeglass prescription.

The cornea which is altered, weakened by surgery might also pull, develop waves as the eye changes shape. Though this might be better than it pulling... as the vision becomes more and more impaired by not practicing the Bates Method.
The lasik is addictive, as an eyeglass prescription is.

This is all in the PDF.

You can find more help here;

hi all....thx for replying my question...i really appreciate it...

for lasik, i did it to my right eye only, my left eye that is amblyopia isn't lasikable so i think the cornea should be still in natural shape...

i will read the pdf...knowing that even -46 can be treated really encourages me Smile
Lets help people on here COMPLETELY and free. Not just give brief answers and then place links, advice to high priced teachers. (Some that people are working for setting up their lectures... in hopes of getting a discount on student, teacher certification and secretly being an affiliate.)

I called Meir Schneider's office today.

Lied; told them I was going blind from a retina condition. Said my glasses were very strong, -6. I asked them if I should stop wearing glasses? They said NO, keep wearing the glasses. Sounds like these people are against Dr. Bates true method. Ophthalmologist Bates teaches (and everyone that wears strong glasses knows) that the glasses cause retina problems, leaking blood vessels, capillaries, detached retina, cataract, glaucoma, pressure on the optic nerve... These high priced teachers love to hide Dr. Bates books, Magazines and put down other honest teachers that give better, (best) training and for a decent price and provide all of Dr. Bates work.

I asked if Meir teaches Ophthalmologist Bates Method? They said they cannot answer, that I have to ask that question in person.
I asked if Meir can give free help to the blind, I am going blind (like he was)? They said NO. Said only the introductory lectures are free. (These lectures teach limited training and are mainly to bring in paying customers.)
They said I must travel to the area the lecture, Meir is at or wait months until he is in my area, then travel to that city.

Said the new prices for 1 hour, 15 minutes training is; $285.00
For 2 hour and some minutes; $560.00
3 Hours and 45 min; $840.00

Teacher training, certification... starts at level 1; $1900.00
Then pay for more levels.
Level 1 and 2 together; $3200.00

Meir was blind. He should respect the fact that by the grace of God he can now see. He should help other blind people. Why not give at least 1-2 hours a day helping the blind for free? And one free day every 2 weeks. It's all about the money. Too many corrupt teachers.

This is why I like Thomas Quackenbush; his books cover it all. His in person training is much less than Meir's and his introductory lectures teach more.
He also has low cost Skype training for people who cannot travel. His teacher training, certification price is much lower than less experienced teachers and you learn the true Bates Method, original and modern.

As for the vision halo mentioned on the other discussion; I used it with great benefit. It's a great help for people that have very low vision and cannot even determine one object from the other, can't find the central field. The vision halo helps you know where the central field is, improves that smaller saccadic shifting and central vision. It is not worn forever; just to get you started, grounded.

I notice a few teachers trained by Thomas Quackenbush, after they get their diploma, then make up lies about him, put down his method because they want to build up a business directing students, $ to them instead of Tom. They bite the hand that fed them. They rarely teach on the internet unless they are here once every few years to advertise a new book, their certification... Then they are gone. I will no longer praise these type teachers. Any teacher that gives free or low cost training is attacked by some of the high priced teachers. I'm tired of being 'nice' to people who only use others. We should be here for the public, to help them see clear!

I am no longer advertising Meir's books for him. I used to do that on my website for years, for free, no affiliate stuff. I stopped after many blind, partially blind people he rejects because they have no money call me for help. I help them free. They have recovered; just by telling them to stop glasses, learn to shift, central-fixation and get the sun. Palming if you like. Memory, imagination... How long to teach that; 20 min. 30 min - 1 hour if the student needs it. No big deal. The blind need our help! Not to be drained of their last penny.

The truth always comes out in the end. See you all in the future.

For acethegunnerzzz; it's good that one eye has no lasik. I missed that, sorry. So; you can improve that eye fully and maybe do the balancing thing for the other lasik eye; just enough practice for that eye as described in the PDF so the eye and cornea shape match. In the books and Dr. Bates magazines there are many articles, treatments for strabismus... You can do it!
Clark, Meir was born blind with infant cataracts which occluded his sight nearly completely. He grew up considered blind and read only Braille. At age 17 he met a Bates teacher who worked with him to regain his sight -- he only saw light and shadow at the beginning and of course his eyes were very strained. Read "My Life and Vision" or one of his other books to learn his story, don't assume.

If someone is dependent on glasses, telling him to throw them away is scary. Better to tell him to use them less, only when he really needs them, and he'll naturally find he needs them less than he thinks. Put them on top of your head or on a chain around your neck most of the time for easy access.

Please don't slam Meir, who has done a LOT of good and is one of my heroes. If he wants to make money by teaching what he's learned (sometimes painfully), what's wrong with that? Plus everything he's put on YouTube is free, and his books and tapes are pretty cheap and very helpful.
Still like Tom Quackenbush, Janet Goodrich, Doug March, Peter Grunwald? (Eye body) and others better.

I like Meir's movement stuff and that helped me but I did have to use other physical therapy.
His eyesight training has eyesight practices that are against the Bates Method, don't work.

It's ok to make money but for the blind, advanced vision impaired; there has to be free help.

I hope someday if organizations like Perkins School For The Blind, The Seeing Eye will get into The Bates Method and give low cost and free training. Advertise it so there is a well marketed choice for all people. They don't advertise because the eye doctors will lobby to shut off their funding.

I am going to one of Meir's programs some day and challenge him to answer my questions. I wish he would come on here. Your here, We're all here.
Where are the teachers?

Here's a list of teachers since around 1860 to present;

Some of Meir's videos teach the method right but some are wrong.
thank you so much everyone...(especially clarknight for giving so much information here and for FREE)

and for my left eye , actually the doctor told me to plant a lense to my left eye (replacing my original)...but i refused because i want to keep one of my eye at its natural shape and condition (and hoping that someday it can be cured)

$3200.00 ?? my country that's really big number

for average salaryman here, they have to work 5-6 months straight without spending it at all to get money that much...

clarknight.... for the pdf, do i have to read them all ? it will be very difficult for me to read so much english book since my english isn't that good (it takes time for me to understand all posts in this thread)

again, thank you very much everyone Smile
Your welcome!

This business should be free as possible. We are talking about the human right to see!

No you don't need to read all. Many people want to learn to be a teacher, in depth study of this method so all books are included. Just read the Directions pdf. Then the 10 steps book. Look at the pictures in the main books; they are created for quick training. Everything else is extra, different teachers describing the practice. Bates books are the best.

Copy/paste Better Eyesight Magazine articles into the Microsoft translator, then use the speaker button;

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... tesmethod/</a><!-- m -->

Skype me; mary.oliver981. E-mail first so I sign on and know who to accept.

Basically; learn to shift. See in a relaxed, easy way. No glasses.

You are right! Don't get the implanted lens. Many seniors after having cataract surgery contact us stating they are very unhappy with the artificial implant lens. It will usually have an eyeglass prescription in it for myopia.., kind of like the lasik as described previously;

If the vision improves; the implanted prescription lens will be too strong. = blur
If the vision becomes less clear; the implanted prescription will be too weak. = blur

If you keep the eyes natural lens you can use the Bates method and keep your vision perfect; matching what the eyes natural lens, it's normal prescription needs.
If you watch my posts; I often redo them a few minutes after the first one to correct spelling, be sure I have answered all your questions. So recheck it in about 5 min. My last one is done.

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