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Pharmaceutical Drugs are Destroying Our Health
A person that improved his eyesight, (really nice, intelligent person, I learn much from him about eyesight and many other topics) sent me this video;

Pretty much every drug impairs the body, eyes health and clarity of vision.

The Drug companies are poisoning us! Drugs in the food, water, our soap, skin creams, toothpaste and other household products, in the soil we grow our food in, grain we feed the animals. The air.
The drugs they sell us, we consume, are passed into the sewage, water.

Natural cures for cancer... ; the scientists are paid off to not bring it to the public. If they refuse; they mysteriously disappear.

The last true cure from the drug companies was for polio, http://years ago. A scientist working for a major Drug company was searching for a polio cure for his wife. He discovered the cure; his wife was cured of polio. It cures the polio permanently so the patient does not need to keep buying the cure in drug form monthly. (Drug Co's. want their scientists to only create drugs that have to be used for life, repeat sales. A drug the never cures the health problem, only blocks some of its symptoms.

The drug company tried to buy the polio cure from the scientist and force him to not reveal it to the public. They wanted to destroy it. Polio; this horrible disease; the drug Co's want us to suffer with it! The scientist refused the drug Co's request. He gave the cure to the public. We have the cure for polio.

On that day the drug companies banned together, created a rule; The polio cure will be the last health cure that is ever created. All scientists, chemists... working for drug co's are not allowed to create cures for disease. Only life long drug prescriptions (no true cures) may be created.

I have invited the person that sent me the video to post on iblindness. Hope he stops by! We need your brain, and heart.

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