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After a long road of confusion.. I really need some insight
The first step for any healing to take place is "acceptance".
If you truly want your vision to improve, practice accepting your eyes and state of vision the way it is, then see where is leads. Along side accepting, you can do the exercises to improve vision, but you will get nowhere if you do not accept your present condition, that is the most important step. Acceptance means holding your ground on where you are so you can move towards where you want to be, using your intention.

Central fixation is actually your natural state. Central fixation at the most subtle level means connection to your heart, your being, your true self. Paying attention to vision can mean different things, I would say pay attention to your straining, your face, your jaw, your nose, your eyebrows, behind your ears, your spine, your legs, your breathing, etc .... Paying attention is Central Fixation in its fullest.

But if your constantly try to evaluate your vision, your state of health, you are actually judging yourself, and your body, this will not feel good, and right, if you find yourself doing this, feel compassion for yourself.
Ok I accept by state Of my eyes.
But what should I use the snellen for ? If i shouldn't try to check my vision?
What exercises would you recommend?
Thanks for your reply ! Smile
Well I am insisting of acceptance, because it will save you years of struggle, it is very unconscious. When you truly accept the condition you allow it to heal all by itself, you need not "do" anything. Believe me if you do not accept, your body will be kicking and screaming at you. Treat your eyes as a wound that needs to be healed, so you can eliminate any straining to see whatsoever. And always use glasses when you need them.

There is an ancient Hawaiian method called <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

It goes like this, pick up a situation that you need to heal, then say your self regarding that situation. I am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you. Bingo, this will make you accept the entirety of your situation. You can find out about that when you pay attention to your breathing, your breathing will resume its natural rhythm.

The shifting and swinging exercises are great, but as I do remember the first days of my exercise work, my eyes were so much immobile. It took time to be able to do the exercises correctly. The downside is that when we think about exercises we think about hard work, but it is not. It is about relieving the hard work, it is about feeling the eyes become lighter, so that they can begin to heal. I guess you have read and heard most of this, but it always helps to hear from another.

Also forget about the Snellen, most people find that it makes them strain, If you read the experiences of those who have attained perfect vision, most talk about the swinging exercise for natural seeing habits. I understand that at first one may not know what this is all about, but as you may know the center of vision is not in your eyes, but back of your head. When you are swinging it really helps to imagine what you see moving inside the back of your head. When your vision become fully restored you will feel a sense of peaceful observing that extends from the back of your head and goes through your nose towards the object of you attention. So imagining this will really help doing the swinging exercise correctly. Just do this swinging all the time, as it makes your head more mobile, and will assist you relieve the tensions in your neck.
I will now use my snellen only once per week.
I even changed the position of a clock which I habitually checked my visual acuity with.
I am now trying the close and far switching suggested by Clark night and I find it very relaxing. I also like palming more now after I started using pillow under my arms. It used to be a bit uncomfortable without them. I notice my vision becomes clearer for like 5 minutes after palming but it seems to go away with time. I no longer become frustrated when my vision fluctuates, instead I see it as an opportunity to notice if I'm doing something right/wrong. I've decided that I'm in for the long run. I'm even considering starting my own blog, where I plan to record my vision improvement journey.
Also how well is your eyesight doing and has it improved in the years?
Thanks for your support mate.
TruthSeeker, as you are a seeker of truth, The more you understand about "truth" the more "pain" will be revealed. And believe me vision improvement might lead you to a road you never intended to go, a path to "truth".

My Vision has become so much better on a physical level, that I do not use glasses anymore, but I have emotional issues that I am working on.

So if you are curious about "truth" I will tell you that there is a real eye in your "throat", which can be called the eye of throat or actually the eye of truth. Wink When that eye gets opened you will see the world in a different light, and beauty, and you will forget about your physical eyes in their entirety, as they will find healing on their own, and you do not need them anymore to see clearly.

Hi Elias,

How do you measure your vision, in terms of acuity level? Do you use a snellen chart? How do you determine when you have improved? Do you still experience any of the floaters, or snow-effect? You started at -2.5, where do you think your vision is these days?
Hi Arcarty,

Well, I can tell you that my normal vision can be said is about 20/40 and I am now aware of my the tensions around my eyes and neck.
The floaters are gone, and are as the genius Bates said are the result of mental strain. I have little bit visual snow, and that Is about tensing the neck mostly and it is clearing up. A I can say I have flashes of extreme acuity and I suppose that are from a higher more vibrant world, it does not seem like this world, as it glows.


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