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So what method should I use?
My mom used the See Clearly Method, based on Bates' method. You can't buy that anymore and she can't find hers, so what can I do that is the most similar? I need a book or something, as the computer hurts my eyes so much, I can't get the info online. Thanks!!!
The See Clearly Method was based on this book.
Thanks! Should Is this book based on the Bates Method? Should I get this book and also the Bates one? Or is just this one enough? I am beginning to see there are a lot of different books to choose from, and don't know the difference between them all!

Also, I'm wondering how mild my astigmatism is, the optometrist (or whatever he was called) said it's mild to me it feels really bad! My prescription says in my right eye (the bad one): sphere: +.25, cylander: -1.00, axis: 12 and in my left eye which seems totally fine to me it says sphere: +.25, cylander: -.25, axis: 150
That book has some harmful things but some are helpful. I like the info. about posture causing astigmatism.

True Bates method is free here;

Read the reviews before buying books.
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