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Deceitful Teachers
I am posting this here for evidence and hope the moderator David keeps it here in case the action described below occurs to myself or others;

I the last couple days 2 people on the forum e-mailed me stating that 3 ladies on this forum have banned together and are circulating a petition, getting signatures, then send to David asking him to ban me. They state my free training has lowered customers for their pay by the hour vision training.

They also want to force me to change my signature which states that Ophthalmologist Bates Magazines, FREE Natural Eyesight Improvement training are on my website. They want Dr. Bates name removed.

In the past they retaliated by writing a false 1 star review of my book on Amazon (under name of Sandy Richards, M.D.) after I disagreed with one lady about a subject. I warned people about a medical treatment she advises and gets '$ kickbacks for sending people to a specific doctor'. I stated it is dangerous, can cause stroke, paralysis, hearing and vision impairment. This angered her and friends. 2 other teachers, Bates book sellers that have posted on here did this to Natural Vision teachers and my books in the past and recently; This is why good teachers are reluctant to post on forums, groups. They are not allowed to speak their mind, the truth.

Please keep conversations on the forum. It's not nice, fair play to retaliate by writing a false review of the author, teacher's books on Amazon and on U.S. and foreign uk, ru, it... websites. You ladies and others learned from this forum and my posts over a few years. I gave you all Dr. Bates books, magazines (originally created and donated free by David) and my books for free and you improved your vision. Now you are teachers and are charging hundreds of dollars (too much) per hour. But now you change the method and teach, use it incorrect, ignore central-fixation... This will eventually lead to unclear eyesight. This is why you still have not reached 20/20, and better. Please remember to practice correct, safe and you will keep your and your students eyesight clear. Teach them correct and for a honest price.)

Please consider stopping the harassment and note that the 2 people want to remain anonymous but they will give their names (and a list of others you contacted who have not contacted me) to David if they have to, if any problems do occur.

Please, lets work together instead of this silly ego, power trip way of communicating, working.

This post is not against the iblindness forum. I am posting this to help me remain here as a member and with the signature I have chosen. I love this place and will continue to post, help others!
There are just a few people once in a while that learn the method, then become teachers and then become greedy, want to take advantage of new people coming here for help. Some certified teachers only stop by here, communicate when they need to get something from us; advertise classes, books... Then we don't hear from them for years.

You guys learned here, improved your vision from David and other long time member's experience, training.
Please respect that and pass the free help along.


Clark Night (Mary Iva Oliver)
Wow, Clark (Mary), I'm really sorry this is happening to you. You've helped a lot of people. Yes, I do teach by the hour for (not much) pay and make no apologies about it. My students don't want to take the time to learn on their own without personal guidance, and no one has ever told me they thought their work with me was a waste of money or time. I continue to provide a lot of free advice to my energy medicine community especially. I think any qualified teacher who is more motivated by income and competing with other teachers, rather than by helping people, is bound to suffer in the long run. Unfortunately they can do a lot of damage in the short run.

I just shared my recent post on astigmatism with my energy medicine community, since I was away when it went live and couldn't do that from my phone. Several people thanked me and commented (yes, I keep telling them to comment on the site here so it gets the traffic). One who can afford it and is very motivated wants to schedule a Skype lesson with me. That's enough for me -- I am much more interested in getting the word out about NVI and the Bates Method than I am about making lots of money. When I try to put myself into that contracted competitive mindset I feel cut off from others, sad, and scared I will "miss out" -- it doesn't feel good. Keep shining your light, Clark. We all benefit, and I for one support you.
Its not only on the Internet discussion groups;

There's a well know high priced Vision Teacher in Massachusetts area and Canada. She sent out hundreds of Bcc e-mails stating how great Lasik on the cornea is and if you all like you may also have natural vision training from her. I wrote back and told her she should not do that, it gives people the idea that laser cornea surgery is safe and if there's any problems Natural Eyesight Improvement is guaranteed to fix it. The surgery is not safe! And its side effects, damage cannot easily be fixed. She replied by talking down to me, stating she has medical degrees and that I am uneducated, below her.

Lasik ain't good!;

Teachers have to start telling the entire truth when they advertise;


Do not wear contact lenses. The eyes, cornea's shape change often, on its own and more as Natural Eyesight Improvement relaxes the eye muscles and returns the eye, cornea to normal healthy shape. The contacts will not fit, can easily scrape, infect, scar and injure the cornea and eye. They block eyesight improvement, blinking, nutrient, oxygen... flow and cause astigmatism. The contact lens solutions, eyedrops are toxic and impair normal tear production.

Do not practice Natural Eyesight Improvement if the eyes have had cornea eye laser or other cornea surgery or any eye surgery including implants, treatments, drugs for glaucoma, other conditions, retina condition, retina or vitreous detachment, cataract surgery... Ask your eye doctor and Natural Vision teacher FIRST; obtain their assessment, an eye exam and permission before practicing. Warning; Natural Eyesight Improvement might not be beneficial, might cause unclear vision if the eyes had cataract surgery with an artificial replacement lens with a eyeglass lens prescription (myopia, presbyopia, astigmatism, bifocal...) implanted in the eyes. It's like wearing eyeglasses, a prescription that cannot be changed. Avoid Natural Vision teachers that do not warn you about these conditions. If they don't warn; they only want your money, do not respect your safety. Entire information is in the PDFs, Books, Copyright page and here.

Cataract surgery results are best when the eye doctor keeps the original natural lens in the eye and removes only the cataract (if possible) or; if the entire lens must be removed; results are best if the doctor creates the artificial replacement lens exactly as the eyes natural lens, with the exact normal focus, refraction of light rays that the eyes natural lens produces. This natural type lens is set for a normal eye with normal clear vision. Set to distance, un-accommodated. This will prevent vision impairment and if needed, allow for vision to improve, become clear with practice of Natural Eyesight Improvement. This way the person is not trapped with a eyeglass prescription inside the eye for a state of unclear vision, (myopia, presbyopia.., abnormal eye shape). But; the artificial lens cannot bend to accommodate for clear close vision so eyeglasses are usually prescribed for close distances. But; Dr. Bates says the eyes lengthen to accommodate so glasses might not be needed. Doctors are working on an artificial lens that bends, accommodates for clear close vision. It returns to normal shape when looking to the distance for clear far vision, 'same as a natural eyes lens'. In the old days the doctor would replace the cataract lens with a real healthy human eye lens from an organ donor. This or the artificial bending lens is best, if all goes right; the lens is intact, attached to the ciliary muscle, everything connected correct so the lens bends normally for perfect accommodation-clear close vision and un-accommodation-clear far vision. This way no eyeglasses are needed for any distance. Needs a skilled surgeon.

Same results, effects for laser and other cornea eye surgery and implants; avoid it! The surgeries result in a permanent eyeglass prescription for an abnormal eye shape, function, refraction, state of unclear vision being placed into the cornea, eye or lens. If the eye, vision tries to improve it's function or becomes more impaired; the vision will be unclear due to the prescription placed in the cornea, eye, lens being incorrect for the new eye, vision condition. Like looking through the wrong strength of eyeglass lens. Another surgery 'might' be successful to change the lens but its risky. More surgery on the cornea can cause blindness.
Some Natural Eyesight practice might help after the cornea, eye has been altered with a prescription but it's tricky and the cornea can distort, develop waves.

Natural Eyesight Improvement gets the lens and eye moving. Not just shifting, converging.., I mean the eye lengthening and lens changing shape, then back to original shape. The eye muscles relax and improve movement, coordination. This improves circulation and many other eye functions. 'When, if Natural Eyesight practice can be done' must also be considered if the eye, lens, retina, cornea... is still healing from surgery. Sometimes the patient has to wait until healing is complete or at a certain level so the eyes, lens... stay intact as they move, perfect circulation... is restored. In some cases Natural Eyesight practice improves healing. Other times we must wait until the doctors gives permission to practice. Sometimes only certain practices are done, then as more healing occurs, all can be applied.

Remember to always check with your Eye Doctor and Medical Doctor for a complete Eye and Health Exam before practicing Natural Eyesight Improvement. Tell them you plan to apply Natural Eyesight Improvement and that it will normalize eye pressure, circulation and all states. Glaucoma and other medicines may need to be monitored, lowered... by the doctor as the vision, eyes return to normal health, condition. Continuing to wear glasses will maintain, return the eye problems. Glaucoma, cataract, retina problems, other eye conditions... 'cured' can return if glasses are worn. Glasses often are the main cause of these eye-vision problems. Glasses must be discontinued. See the books for safety at work, driving... reducing, discontinuing your prescription safe and legal.

Do not apply Physical Therapy and other exercises, anti-gravity, trampoline, inversion... if you have a detached retina, stroke, other eye, medical conditions. Do not practice if you have had cornea surgery or any eye surgery, treatment. Ear operations, treatments might be included in this list. Check with a Eye Doctor first. A Bates Method Behavioral Ophthalmologist is best.

If eye muscle surgery was performed, contact a eye doctor before practicing Natural Eyesight Improvement.

In no way, form is this training a substitute for an Eye Doctor, Medical Doctor’s advice, direction. This website, books, Skype, phone, e-mail and in person training is not for diagnosing, treatment, cure, prevention of any eye, medical disease, condition. Always obtain direction from a medical, eye professional for any vision, eye, medical state.

Read our PDF's; tells the truth; Natural Eyesight Improvement may not fix damage that cornea surgery has caused and it can result in more unclear vision as described above.


Quickly prove to yourself that vision improvement is possible, with this free PDF download.

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