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Difference between palming & sitting in dark room
I'm new to this forum and although I've heard about the Bates method, I'm only now starting to use it. My question is about palming, which is an exercise to relax the eye.

What is the difference between palming and simply sitting in a dark room with your eyes closed or wearing a patch over your eyes? I'm just curious if there are any real advantages palming has over other techniques.

Palming brings healing energy from your hands to your visual system -- we are all natural healers. Rub your hands together first to warm them. Plus you are touching acupressure/acupuncture points on the face, which helps move the energy. This is not to say closing your eyes and resting them is useless -- it can be very restorative. It's just that palming is even better, in my opinion.
Thanks, Nancy. I suspect it has something to do with the hands.
Palming when done correct; looking at imaginary scenery, objects, shifting part to part on them, walking around in the scenery, taking part in the events, seeing the colors, wind blowing the trees, birds flying, train moving along the coast, feel the sunlight... This improves the eyes movement, the memory-imagination (which are main functions of the visual system) and relaxation. Crossing the hands fingers in the center of the forehead activates the 3rd eye, a chi, charka energy center and integrates the left, right brain hemispheres. The end of the palms resting on the cheekbones activate many acupressure points.;

My teachers state to NOT place the hands together. Many religions teach to pray with the palms together but this actually cuts off your energy flow.

Try the following energy exercise without touching the hands together and feel the energy strengthen in the whole body and hands;

Stand with feet about a foot apart. Place the hands in space on the left, right sides of the chest or solar plexus with palms facing each other about a 1-2 feet apart. Do not touch the hands together. Breathe in and out semi deep, relaxed. Move the hands closer toward each other but not touching and then farther apart again. Keep the relaxed breathing. Continue moving the palms of the hands closer and farther. Then move them about 1-5 inches apart. Then repeat; 1-5 inches close and 1 to 1 and 1/2 feet apart, back and forth a few times as you breath. Feel your chi... energy. Strengthen it, move it throughout your body and strengthen it in the hands. Do not touch the hands together or it will break the strength, flow of the energy. Stand and imagine holding a ball of energy between your hands, about 1 foot apart. Feel and strengthen it. Note you can close your eyes and this energy ball, power keeps you centered, perfect balance, like a anchor.

Now you can palm with strong energy in the hands.

See the free e-book on the website. It contains the entire color breathing chi energy chapter; It's the big e-book on the top. Do it yourself-natural eyesight improvement. The index is linked to the chapters.

This is the website chapter but it contains less than the books at the present time;
Heres acupressure;

Do me a favor please; tell me if the pages move slow. Been trying to learn how to reduce picture size without losing clarity.

Ignore any links for books. All the paperbacks are free in PDF E-book form.

Perfect Sight Without Glasses free download