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Re: undercorrecting
i am currently -4.50X-1.75X160(left),  -5.00X-0.75X30(right) and astigmatic too.

it seems that we should not touch glasses at all so as to 'correct' our sight.

but however, i am unable to go around everywhere without my glasses, (esp so when i'm at work).

for a period of about 4 months, my left eye was overcorrected. i was using contact lens of the same power (-5.00X-0.75X180) for both eyes, and to my surprise, my left eye changed from -4.75 to -4.50. (do note that the contacts were of the wrong axis for my astigmatism)

right now, i'm thinking of using non-astigmatic and undercorrected contact lens for a period of some time so as to allow my eyes to 'get better'. i plan to remove like say, -0.25 every 3 months or so and hopefully, at the very end of it, my eyesight would get better.

has anyone tried this?

do give me some feedback please

ty.  Smile
Dear Friend,

It was Bates who raised a "warning flag" about that
minus, i.e., if your Snellen is 20/70, and you
even START with a strong minus -- your
naked eye vision will go to 20/200.

Science and experimental data says he was RIGHT
in that statement.  Therefore, Bates necessarily
was recommending "under-correction" until
the person cleared his vision to 20/40 or better (pass
the DMV tests).

So reducing your minus lens strength would be wise,
consistent with meething the legal requirement
for driving a car.

And then use the Bates methods to further
clear your vision.

Changing minus lenses is expensive if you get
them through an OD.  And you will get a
lot of "argument" from them.

You might choose to get a weaker minus from for $10 if you wish
to experiment with weaker minus lenses.


A couple comments: first, contact lenses are the worst corrective lenses.  Second, you can try this, but it's not Bates.  There are some who have had success using undercorrected glasses (not contacts) and practising Bates at the same time.  I believe that the most progress is made when glasses are worn the minimum amount possible.  I have correction of -8.5 in both eyes, and must wear glasses for driving.  At work, I get away with wearing at most one hour per day, and not all at once.  It's very difficult, but very rewarding with progress that I've made.


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