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Vision For Life

I will respond with a quote from a guy who has cured his vision. I completely agree with his thoughts.

"My recovery has been too long and too slow. I think there are simple
reasons for this. First and foremost, I initially had too little faith in
the great Dr. Bates. My faith in some of his statements didn't come untill I
thoroughly had demonstrated the facts to myself, which in some cases took a
very long time. Secondly, my mind was for a long time (and maybe still is)
cluttered with ideas from Bates books written by people with defective sight
and wrong ideas. One of these ideas, I think, is that the people that have
the most success, are the people that go on and invent a lot of their own
techniques. This I did for a long time. Actually I think I've made up enough
of my own techniques to fill up close to a thousand pages in a book. My
biggest dream some time ago, was to write all this down, and get my own book
on the Bates method published. The techniques I mostly thought were
revolutionary at the time I made them. Unfortunately, in the aftermath I've
discovered that they're not. What I've discovered is that all of them were
just complicated and unefficient ways of doing what the methods, as Bates
explains them, do a lot better. The start of this realization was a couple
of months ago. That's why I wrote this in an earlier mail: "If I hadn't
taken all these precautions about posting (and if I weren't so lazy), I
would have posted a lot more f.ex. on the use of the imagination, which I
consider my strongest card. But I see that the way I use my imagination is
changing so much, that I am too afraid to give people wrong ideas - which
there is really WAY more than enough of on the other vision lists. I
consider the only safe route to perfect vision is to follow the advice of
those who have actually got there. Of course, I read other opinions too, but
then I'm very carefull to have the filters in my brain running. After this
time, I've only realized this more and more, and I'm glad that I hesitated
in writing up on some of my ideas, because I now know that they were not
good ideas. So I doubt that you'll see a book published by me in a long,
long time. As a matter of facts, if I had to write down my own experiences I would have to use the same words as Dr. Bates did."

There's of course certain space for variations around Bates fundamental techniques, because one needs a change from time to time, to avoid getting bored, but the underlying principles should be always clearly understood and kept in mind. What the "marketing campaigns" effectively do is that they hide the fundamental principles under the "appealing" bright packaging. In result, when people begin going a wrong way, they don't understand what's happening and what they should do next.

While conceptually, there's nothing revolutionary new under the hood of the new "appealing" packages. Really nothing more effective than original Bates, but a lot of stuff less effective, ineffective and misleading. Prove me wrong if you can, with real contra-examples, not talking about some abstract "enhancements". I understand that Americans and all other peoples around the world want to make money and glory by selling "enhanced" Bates method to unaware people, but we are talking about cure, not the business.

The problem is not that Bates is old, not effective and needs to be upgraded, but because people often can't understand what they should do and try something else. There is a certain part of Bates method, like any sensual experience, that cannot be passed verbally between minds, you have to live it through by yourself, following the directions in the book. Then you have to listen carefully to the feedback you get from your body, analyze it and correct your further practice. I guess it is too challenging for most people. We are lazy, not sensitive enough, not intelligent enough etc., we want easy answers and the "new methods" pretend to give easy answers. Eventually, if you are lucky, you can get through them down to the truth, like the guy I quoted, but then you'll discover that Dr. Bates was the true genius and already said it all in the most straightforward, laconic and insightful way.


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