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The Simplest Technique For Killing Myopia
The following is a post written some years ago on the I-see Yahoo group. I practiced the technique mentioned in it, and found it quite useful, so I thought I'd post it here for everyone to see.

Dear Lisa:

Six weeks ago, when I had my first success
with the powerful techniques of Dr. Bates, I
first succeeded with learning to remember a
little piece of the color black. It had no particular
shape. It was just a little piece of black, about
the size of an aspirin tablet.

Then I went on to easily remember a black
period from a printed page.

Then, when reading about central fixation,
I came upon Dr. Bates discussing a mathematical
point, a point which in mathematical theory
had position or place, but no size at all.
Just by accident, I thought of this concept,
and found that I could effortlessly hold in my
mind the idea of an invisible little point in
space about thirty feet from me and that
this worked to make my eyes focus very
well, better than the other two techniques.

This was completely effortless, just like
throwing a switch in my mind. And I was not
visualizing anything.

I have been wondering whether this technique
might not be the easiest one to master of all,
simply because this point in space has no size
is therefore invisible, and thus there is nothing
to visualize.

You do not have to visualize anything. All you
have to do is think about this invisible point in
space being out there and keep your mind on

There is, in the BEM volume on page 504, this
interesting question put to Dr. Bates and his
reply: "When we remember an object, do we
have to visualize it?"

Dr. Bates's reply was: "It is best when you
remember an object to visualize it with the
help of the imagination, but it is not always
necessary to visualize it."

Dr. Bates makes similarly provocative
statements in his book, forgive me if I
don't hunt them down.

Next I started thinking about the new
science of lie detection which involves
learning the facial expressions that
people who are lying assume briefly.
You can learn to spot these expressions.
They come from the unconscious mind,
cannot be controlled by the person who
is lying and are an accurate way to
determine if someone is lying.

Have you read about this?

Anyway, what I have been thinking about
is a statement by one of the scientists
working on this new science. He and his
partner had been learning all the different
expressions that the human face is capable
of assuming and found that assuming a
happy expression actually made them feel
happy, assuming a sad expression made
them seem sad, and so forth.

When you succeed in holding a perfect
little memory in your mind, what happens
first is that your eyes open wide involuntarily.
You may think that you have had your eyes
open normally all your life, but if your vision
is defective, you have not. You have been
squinting all your life. Believe me, this is a
very striking thing that happens to you when
you learn to remember perfectly a black dot.

Your eyes open wide involuntarily and you
become aware of a ton of tension leaving
your face.

I started wondering if voluntarily opening
your eyes widely might help you to get into that
altered state of consciousness in which
you see perfectly, the state which Bates
considered a state of perfect relaxation
but which I consider just an altered state
in which you become completely cut off
and distracted from the process of seeing.

In this technique you don't have to visualize
anything. You just have to think about this
tiny invisible point out in the distance about
thirty feet away from you and keep your mind
on it.

If you were walking down the street at night
in a dangerous part of town and you heard
footsteps behind you, and you glanced
behind you to see a very mean looking
man following you with an evil expression
on his face, you would not have any difficulty,
I am sure, in keeping your mind on the
man following you. That's all you do in
this technique.

If you were in a room and somebody rolled a
live hand grenade into it, you would not have
any problem in keeping your mind on that
hand grenade even if you were not looking
at it.

You just have to keep your mind on a tiny
invisible point out in space about thirty
feet from you. You don't have to see it or
visualize it. You just have to think about it.

In this technique we are going to combine
two ideas: (1) the idea that just thinking about
a point in space without having to visualize it
may be easier than having to perfectly visualize
an image and (2) by opening your eyes widely,
thus imitating or mimicking the state you wish
to get into, you may actually thus help yourself
get into that state.

So here is what you do:

(1) If you are standing up, learn forward and put
both of your hands on to a table top and look
down at the floor.

(2) If you are sitting down, lean forward also and
put both of your hands on to a table top or desk
top and look down at the floor.

(3) Open your eyes as widely as you can. Really
get them as wide open as you can.

(4) Think about that little invisible point which is
out there in space about twenty or thirty feet away
from you. Think about it being there. You can't see
it, but you know it is there. Think about it's being

(5) When you have it clearly in your mind, then slowly,
slowly, raise your head and look in front of you while
thinking about that point in space.

If you can keep your mind on that little invisible
mathematical point out in front of you and keep your
eyes wide open, your eyes ought to focus as they
do when you are using the other techniques.

That's all there is to it.

I hope it works for you.


PS Even if it doesn't work, it is good to practice
opening your eyes widely. I have a book on Traditional
Chinese Medicine and one of the exercises for the eyes
is simply looking up as far as you can, then slowly moving
your gaze down as far as you can. Then you look as far
to the left as you can and then slowly move your gaze to
right as far as you can. Then you use diagonal angles.

This is a surprisingly effective technique for relaxing
your eyes, and I think the reason it is effective is not
because you are gently stretching your eye muscles,
as stated in the book: I think it is effective because the
result of this exercise is to make you open your eyes
Thanks for reposting this, I'll give it a try!

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