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Questions I get often
Someone sent me a PM today with these questions, and I want to answer them here so everyone else can see what I say, and maybe also engender some discussion. The 3 questions follow, with my answer after each one.

1) I understand the shape of the eye and cornea determines how well we see. If we relax the outter muscles, does the shape of the eye change back to its normal shape? Is this what bates thought?

I don't know about Bates's opinion on this, but I do know Peter Grunwald who developed the Eyebody Method believes this. The eyeball returns to its normal healthy round shape as the extra-ocular muscles relax. During a workshop Peter told us his eyeball measured that he should still be wearing -1 glasses (he used to wear -10), even though he could see 20/20 with no glasses. He said the perfect round shape lags behind the vision improvement. But if I could see 20/20, I wouldn't care WHAT shape my eyeballs were! Also remember the eye is a ball filled with fluid, so it shouldn't stay in an elongated shape unless you keep straining.

2) Did you have double vision or ghosting due to astigmatism? were you able to successfully get rid of it? I wore a pair of -1D cly glasses which i believed was an overprescription and caused my eye problems to increase.

The -1.75 CYL correction I wore for most of my life was the first thing to be removed from my glasses when I saw a behavioral optometrist. I don't remember any double vision but the CYL may have prevented me from seeing that. Now, without any correction at all, my vision is not always perfectly sharp and clear, especially if I'm getting tired, but I can't say I experience any double vision. My posture is much straighter now than it used to be when I was younger. See this article for astigmatism info:

3) What's your opinion on plus lenses? There are a few people who had success with plus lenses and it seems logical. I first read about them in a book called "take off your glasses and see" by Jacob liberman.

My behavioral optometrist used to offer "opposite glasses" to his patients when I studied with him, to wear for short periods, plus glasses for the myopic and minus ones for the farsighted, to break up their habitual seeing pattern. It made sense to me, but I was so seriously myopic, anything which made things even MORE blurry wasn't something I was interested in. As my vision has improved, my goal is to see well without glasses, so I am still not interested in wearing them, either for correction or for therapy. So I don't have much personal experience to offer on this topic. I'd just remind you that this is a tool, not an end in itself, to teach you better how to use your eyes and mind in a relaxed way.


OK, end of questions and answers. I hope that was helpful. Please don't send me PMs when you can ask here, and get the benefit of everyone's knowledge besides mine.
1. Since most myopic people(at least the ones that I have seen) have elongated eyeballs, I don't see why the opposite can't be true.
2.Can't answer this one since I don't have astigmatism, but I'm guessing it's the same solution as with other eye problems:palming, swinging, shifting, relaxing...
3.I believe that no glasses at all is the best. I try my best to stick to Bates' words.
thanks Nancy. Do you still experience any "ghosting" due to the 1.75D cyl? Did it naturally do away with your vision improvement? Sorry for all the questions about astigmatism, but its really bothering me and giving me headaches.
(12-17-2013, 09:48 PM)Aethersky Wrote: thanks Nancy. Do you still experience any "ghosting" due to the 1.75D cyl? Did it naturally do away with your vision improvement? Sorry for all the questions about astigmatism, but its really bothering me and giving me headaches.

Did you read my article about astigmatism? I hate to keep mentioning it, but it's got pretty much everything I know about astigmatism. I wrote it so I didn't have to keep answering the same questions.

I'd say do without your glasses as much as you can, get the CYL removed if possible, palm a lot. Notice when you get more stressed and more headaches, and try to minimize that behavior, or reaction, or change the situation. Once you know how you're straining, and this can include straining to avoid strain because I've done it, you can start to incorporate better habits.

I do not remember any double vision or ghosting, just more or less blurring, all parts of my visual field equally seen. I'm assuming once the CYL was removed from my glasses, my vision corrected itself in this regard. Watch your posture and head alignment, like I say in the article, as you can unconsciously compensate for a CYL correction and throw yourself off-balance.

Don't apologize for asking questions -- that's how we learn. Just know that as many experts as you consult, you may wind up being your own best resource, as no one knows you and your needs and habits better than you do. Take care.
The link won't open when i was using firefox for some reason. I was able to open it with chrome. weird o.0. Thanks I read the article and it was helpful
I'm on Firefox and just clicked on the link and it opened, no problem. Maybe your level? Anyway, I'm glad the article was helpful. Look for other ways your body or life is out of balance that the astigmatism may be mirroring back to you.
Here's Ophthalmologist Bates fundamentals and a few other goodies in a PDF.
The doctor has many natural eyesight cures on PAGE TWO of his Better Eyesight Magazine and in his questions and answers. 132 issues = 132 Q and A pages and 132 PAGE TWO pages = 264 pages! This training is directly from the eye doctor that discovered, perfected this method.

Q and A;


If I can reduce the size without losing clarity so it fits her eon ib I will try to upload entire book.

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