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The PLUS LENS - Anti Corrective Method; Avoid These Harmful Methods

I really think you are Otis Brown or someone posing as him; either way; it's to sell the eyeglasses and/or disrupt this forum.

On Youtube you can see the stress in Otis's face, eyes from all the surgeries, years of the plus lens. Most every video he is wearing glasses and always advising people to wear the glasses. He does not mention he has implanted prescriptions in his eyes and lasik on the cornea. You can see some videos where he does attack Dr. Bates, states Dr. Bates is wrong. But, its Otis that is wrong.

I do not like De Angelis (Otis's partner) or the eye doctors that sell the Plus Lens. I only like Behavioral Optometrist's that teach the true Bates Method. Not the plus lens. I used to sell as affiliate for Martin Sussman, Cambridge institute or Better Vision but stopped after realizing he is in deep with the plus lens people. Many students come to me to help them reverse the damage the plus lens guys did to them.

All the people you mention that sell this plus lens method are altering, corrupting Dr. Bates method. They are using Dr. Bates name to pull in people so they can sell them eyeglasses. (which eventually often leads to eye surgery sales.)

I wish we could get the plus lens people off this forum so honest people that want to discuss and learn the true Bates method, healthy Natural Eyesight Improvement will come here, then the real Bates method members can help them.
why are you obsessed with otis brown? I personally disagree with some of ots's concepts. There is nothing wrong the the plus or minus lenses, but it should be prescribed with care and only use them when necessary.
There's no reports of "damage" done by plus lenses. if people had damage done by plus lenses, they would post it here. But there is NONE.
You keep attacking other people saying they "sell glasses" but YOU also sell books/products.
you do not provide any proof/testimonials of people who actually improved their vision. You claimed you "cured" people with -6D (in less than a year). Come on? is that believable?
But there is SCIENCE behind the use of the plus.
Why are you obsessed with the true Bates method people? Because we won't leave iblindness so you can be here alone free to spread the disease of the cataract producing, ripped retina blood vessels Plus Lens addiction to eyeglasses method.

I know that a major guy that owns a forum and advises the plus with Otis has developed astigmatism from addiction to the Plus. Won't mention his name so no hurt feelings. If your watching this post; quit the plus before you end up with more vision-eye health problems. Don't fool yourself, the cataracts, retina problems don't always show up until they have advanced. Tension, abnormal pressure in the eye, impaired circulation=glaucoma. Eye muscle tension, dysfunction occurs form wearing ay type eyeglasses.

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