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Reduced RX, Trouble Focusing Near to Far?
Hey all. I just started the Bates method and bought some glasses .5 lower than my previous RX (bought them at

Right away I'm noticing that I can finally see relatively close (like within several feet) whereas with the stronger RX, it was all blurry (overcorrection?). I'm nearsighted, BTW.

However, when I look up, say from the computer (I can't see the eomputer without glasses on), to something more distant, it takes 2-3 minutes for my eyes to be able to focus at those farther distances. At first it's VERY blurry.

It happens (naturally, I'm not straining), the focus does come, but it takes that amount of time.

This is VERY frustrating.

I really can't go without glasses, I write for a living, drive my kids everywhere and have a fairly strong RX. It was -4.5 in each eye; this new RX is -4.

Is this normal, the focusing issue? It's frustrating and giving me headaches. Sad

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