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Straining to keep eyes shut
I wonder if others have had this similar experience, it's pretty much obvious to me. While closing my eyes, during palming or not, I can readily sense that I'm straining to keep my eyes shut. The eye lids tend to vibrate. It feels like I'm on the verge of opening them, and the more I relax them the closer they get to opening.

After about an hour of long swinging I became really relaxed and could sense some more subtle things around my eyes that I had not before. I started palming afterwards and felt again the things I just described. This time, however, I was relaxed enough to be able to let go more and for a little while the tension to keep the eyes shut was relieved, at least somewhat more than I'm used to. It seemed like my eyes and eye lids had quieted down.

I'm wondering if any of you all ever went through this stage as well and if this quieted down state is the way to go?
In a group class with Robert Lichtman a few years ago, when he had us practice effortless blinking, he pointed out that one of my friends was not fully closing her eyes. I wondered then if she was afraid to "miss something", thought she needed to be on alert at all times, not feeling safe. This was just my guess and we never talked about it. So I'm wondering if some part of you also might feel it's not safe to relax, that danger might creep up on you if your eyes are closed. If so, keep up the relaxing work to start to get that tension out of your body. A simplistic measurement is that strain or tension is bad, while relaxation and ease is good. Yes, the vibration in your eyelids quieting down is definitely a good sign. Keep it up -- good work!
That's interesting, so she was blinking only half way? I thought it was not a problem if your eye lids don't close all the way during a blink?

I think I've been making a little headway since posting this. I'm trying to be able to sense when there is unnecessary tension around my eyes when open, and if I am forcing my eyes shut while closed. I think it helps to very, very lightly touch the area around the eyes where it seems to be twitching or tense. If you do it so soft that you can barely even feel it I think it helps you become more aware of subtlety. And since that seems to be the name of the game, I think it's a good practice. I will work with it more and see what happens.
Tension in the neck or my mind will do that to my left eyelid; I try to sleep when all wound up and the left eye keeps opening. Occurred about 3 times since the neck injury caused by a chiropractor. Injuries on upper left neck. Other on middle and lower right and T1 (shoulders). I now use the computer mouse with the left hand; it seems to tighten that side of the upper neck, face, and the eye muscles, eye on the same side; nerves to blinking... muscles or muscles that close that eye? I am sure that glasses would maintain the tension. I don't have glasses so not sure. The condition always goes away when get a long break from typing and stress.


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