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central point of vision?
I was shifting on a snellen chart I have on my wall, and my neck hurt me, so i started moving my neck from side to side...I noticed that when i move my neck to the far left or right and look at the letters, i see them very clearly and very black, but when i look at them directly, i see blur...isn't this weird? because i'm supposed to see more clearly while looking through my central point of vision, but i feel i see more clearly while looking from the edge of my eye...what does this mean?
It's an optical trick, looking on the edge of something to block some light rays. The corner of your eye is like a partial pinhole.

But looking with the center of your vision doesn't mean your eyes should necessarily be always pointed forward out of your head, although I think that is the easiest on the eyes. Central vision has to do with the sharpest details being in the center of whatever your eyes are pointed at.
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