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logic of the plus to change the refractive STATE
If a child who is at +4D, and he wears a plus lens, his refractive state will move positive REGARDLESS of what he does and REGARDLESS if he "shifts", "swings", etc. In a few years his vision will be +6D.

This truly "shocked me" and i did not fully understand. but this shows the the eye is BIDIRECTION. when the +4D child wears the plus, everything he does is "beyond infinity" and his vision "follows" it.
But it also puzzles me why if i (and many others) wear the plus and just walks around, nothing happens. But the only LOGICALLY explanation is that the eye reacts to stress. When a +4D child (wearing a +4D) does near work, he is essentially doing "far work".

but it is very difficult to create this far tension when you myopic because the ee "gives up" focusing far objects. This is why its necessary to "read the snellen test card"- as bates described it UNTIL you feel ALOT of far tension on your eye.
You could also use the PLUS and read beyond your far point (but i believe using the snellen is more quicker and more effective).
Advising eyeglasses, plus lens method to children is causing harm to people. Your ruining a child's eyesight and brain development for life.

See the truth about the plus here;
person who had success with the plus
(02-18-2014, 03:06 PM)Aethersky Wrote: person who had success with the plus

There are some people that believe that your eyeballs could explode from this!
The Plus Lens method IS harmful, causes cataract.

2 days ago I met another man that developed cataract after only 6 months using reading glasses! Already his close vision is now lowered and he had to buy a stronger prescription of plus lens. He's only 42.

I taught him how to read fine print (no glasses) and shift on small parts of close objects 'flower, stone'... as Dr. Bates teaches so he can reverse the addiction, vision damage.

To heck with the Plus Lens people taking over this forum. The plus lens is not the Bates Method.
I have started my own Guestbook-Forum for solely true Bates Method students, teachers; the original healthy, uncorrupted method. It will go live as soon as I learn how to set register to no posts until approved so I can block the bad guys. Other security measures installed.
Will also have live video chat so people can show their true face, keep the phoneys off the forum.
All plus lens, lasik surgeon referrers ($ affiliates) people, 3-cups... will be blocked. Forum is safe place where students can learn without being subjected to methods that will impair their vision and eyes health. Where they will be free from abusive people, petty arguments, ego problems, power trips.

We need a place to keep people safe. I will still post the truth here on ib occasionally, but as far as the stalking, trolling the plus guys have been doing to me and others for a long time; you can just continue to destroy eachother. I cant help you anymore. 99% of you are wearing glasses everyday, forever. You ruined a nice UK natural vision teacher's eyesight on the Yahoo Bates Method forum by tricking her into using, advising the plus. She is now trying to regain her sight.
I hope people see through you and avoid the Plus Lens.

I wanted to stay here only on ib, I don't have time to run a forum, but the plus lens-unnatural method people have forced me into doing this.
Hi Clark

1) this section of the forum, plus lenses discussion is allowed
2) it does NOT cause cataracts. Farsighted people wear "plus lenses"
3) If the minus does not cause cataract, how can a "plus" causes cataracts?
4) plus lenses can PREVENT myopia in the first place
5) there's NO harmful effects of plus lenss
6)The claims you made are unsubstantiated.
7) the international prevent myopia association recommends +3D plus lenses.
8) Its not recommended to ONLY use the plus. People SHOULD do other eyesight improvements
9) can you PROVE close work does NOT cause myopia???

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