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prism lenses to cancel convergence
using prism lenses for near work has a theuraputic affect by relaxing the eyes. many behavioral eye doctors uses this method. whenever the eyes converge they are creating strain and tension.

Tell more about this.
you might want to do some research yourself, prisms calculations are a difficult and somewhat tricky subject to explain.
Prisms are prescribed for people with strabismus and are often not effective. Prescribing prisms for close vision, any vision is very unprofessional advice and can cause strabismus and other eye-vision problems.

Aethersky is definitely here posting endless destructive advice to people. He is either Rishi John Giovanni Gatti (and partner old phony name 'Roy Folker', both banned in the past. And people can read on my website what they did to me and other teachers) imitating Otis to hide their identity so they can disrupt this forum or Aethersky is Otis.

I wanted to stay on iblindness and fight against these people in order to protect the innocent studnets coming here for true Bates Method vision improvement, but it's impossible, impossible!
I cannot stay on here all day trying to keep the torch of truth shining when only 1-2 people have helped me try to stop these anti Bates method people from forcing harmful methods onto this forum and the public.

I am leaving, you win Aethersky. Go ahead a flood every post with anti-Bates method posts while selling eyeglasses, things that lead to eye surgeries, blindness.

I will train people in my own offices and elsewhere.

Sorry David, but I think Aethersky's posts are scaring good people away. If honest people come here and ask for help I will definitely 'try' answer them, but staying here, every day trying to keep Aethersky from hurting people is too much stress and time consuming and if I try to teach someone the correct way, Aethersky joins the thread and brings the conversation to non Bates method subjects and redirects to his plus lens threads.

The Bates method IS NOT about wearing glasses, prisms and having eye surgeries
YES this is NOT the bates method. which is WHY i posted this in the "other theories and methods" section.

This woman is truly obsessed

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