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do "better than 20/20"
many people believe a 20/20 is very good eyesight. But if a person can just read the 20/20, it is BAD eyesight. 20/20 = about -1D. 0D or positive refractive STATE is 20/10-20/8 vision.

So if you "do bates" and you started with -2D and now you are at -1D. If you do most of your work at 1m from the computer, you eyesight will NOT improve to better than -1D.

Think about it logically. If you at -3D and read something at 1/3m for many hours a day. Even if you "shift", "central fixation" at 1/3m. Would your edge of blur move????

This is why you need to 1) wear a plus OR 2) put your work farther away OR 3( practice many hours of active focus.
If you "keep the distance", than you can "shift", "SWING" all you want and KEEP your improvements
and DO BETTER THAN 20/20!!!
strive for 20/10!!!!

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