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Internet trolls and abuse
Recently I cannot post on any thread or chat without being attacked by people that want to take over this forum and turn it into not non Bates method and advise only harmful unnatural methods such as abnormal use of eyeglasses and eye surgery.

Here's some examples of how this occurs on other forums, discussions on the internet;

"I have never seen a forum where there hasn't eventually been a clique of members who sooner or later assume the forum is their own personal playground and tried to control who plays there.
The also try to control the content and try and drive off people of which they don't approve. These forums are the end product of a six year evolution of the resident trolls and they are fully confided they own and have control of these forums. We'll see about that."

"The concept of "owning" a forum first developed in gaming. Dozens of game forums have been shut down because the game owners could not afford the level of administration necessary to control the forums." That's why the group owner tries to deny the problem exists, because of the huge cost of administering these forums properly, 24 hour monitoring impossible. The only solution is denial."

"It looks like we have many lurker trolls in this discussion just voting everything down because they thrive on generating negativity. There is a word for what they do, schadenfreude, which means taking pleasure from the misfortune of others. With trolls this is a self-perpetuating cycle where one troll creates misfortune and the others feed on it, they in turn create more misfortune and others feed off that. It really is a state of mental illness that feed off and reinforces the same condition in others. Only with social media and the internet could such a contagious form of mental illness proliferate. I may have discovered a new phenomenon with this disorder. The mad reinforcing the madness of others is nothing new, so it may well have been discovered long ago but this condition seems to be communicable and that may be new. I will research that and post about it later. The bottom line is if it can be proven to be a mental illness spread through social media there may be some recourse to stop it by treating it with removal of access to computers and commitment for treatment to wean the afflicted off compulsive online abuse."

"Another form of attack in these forums, and which I find depressing, primarily because it displays such appalling pettiness by my fellow humans, is the practice of a clique of predatory trolls summarily voting down every post as a form of persecution. I started this discussion trolls if you don't like it leave. You have no claim or authority to persecute me here. Anyone not mentally unbalanced would simply go elsewhere if they didn't like what they were reading. But that's not the case is it? This is seen as an opportunity to attack someone, just what you seek, the content of the posts mean nothing to you, all that counts is that you have the chance to spread your negativity by voting something down. Just another reason Amazon will sooner or later have to close these forums or make big changes."

Rick Carufel and others.
I do not "attack you". i express my beliefs and YOU express your purist beliefs. That is fine.

You do realize the mathematics of lenses right? if a person wears a minus -3D contact and wears a +1D OVER his contacts, he is -2D.

my views are:
-near works CAUSES ciliary muscles to strain thus producing myopia
-a "plus" or undercorrection is need to relax accomdation
-active focus at the edge of blur reversed myopia
-using a snellen is good (even bates used it for some reason all the bates teacher ignore this fast)

to me this is "common sense". it is not "tolling".


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