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Narcissism - How much is too much?
I'm never sure of how much everyone communicates in miscommunication. Sometimes it is as if everyone sees what they want to see and so I am dreaming you and you are dreaming me.

In other words, I think it could be possible that everyone is a narcissist and only some people realise it. I mean, would a true narcissist even recognise their own narcissistic tendencies, their own ego?

I don't know, but to be blatantly honest I find capitalism to be a very narcissistic model for a society. Anything that promotes profiteering tends to promote division and admiration of the ego-driven.

There are also some potential health problems to having no ego whatsoever though. Care givers tend to have a higher risk of illness.

I am not saying we should not care for others or not be altruistic... however, I notice in myself I have a tendency to suppress my feelings to protect the people I care about.

Bottling up your true self can also be unhealthy, and I think can be part of the mind/eye strain as well, but yeah, it is hard to say how much is too much.

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