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Narcissism - How much is too much?
(03-06-2014, 12:08 AM)2xtreme2fit Wrote: You pointed out that "bottling your true-self is unhealthy...", and I thought, is narcissism really a disease? A psychological condition? Or is it lifestyle, engaging in obsessive thoughts about oneself?

It can just be a word and a moment, relative to another word or moment. I think in general it is a natural reaction to a socio-environmental-political-economic situation. Most world leaders and high ranking CEOs have the traits of psychopaths. Guess what? They learnt it from their leaders and parents as well.

Honestly how do you be the best at a sport or an art without obsessive thoughts of being the greatest? You need to have a vision and to believe in your best self in order to get there. Do you think Michael Jordan has a sane, scientific, objective, and morally perfect view of the world? I think he must have some crazy thoughts to get where he got to.

If someone attacks you in the street, you need an ego to survive. I have looked to find myself on forums before, or on Google searches in case what I have written in one moment can be tracked and used against me in another.

Some might consider this paranoia, some might consider it a requirement to delete web history before a job interview etc. - others might say, who gives a fuck, it was the past, if they are stalking/judging me on one post then they have the problem and I don't want to please them.

Which is the more messed up behaviour? Because I have experienced them all, and I have also looked back and positively surprised myself at what I have written in other moods when I have gone to delete it.

I don't consider mental disorders to be abnormalities considering most people could be diagnosed with a few. I just don't think it is extra-ordinary that people are kinda fucked up in a fucked up world. Everyone has their issues. But don't take my word for it, I have mine as well.

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