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Books donated, preserved, sold for a honest price by David
Hey David,

Don't know it this is the place to post this but since its your area of the forum;

Remember that Perfect Sight Without Glasses book by Dr. Bates that you sold me for such a decent price and I turned into reproduced paperback?

It's #1 in some Amazon German list! ;

If this turns into lot of sales, hopefully happens in USA too and UK, Japan; gonna send ya a big-time present!

And send some bucks to the blind;

Say a strong prayer!! And keep thinking it this year.


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I though profit was not a motive?? Why am i accuseed of being a "glasses salesman"?
But really i admire your dedication to natural vision improvement even though you may be against same ideas.
Is it ok to give to the blind Aethersky and respect the people that preserved these books?

I notice you did not say one word about Dr. Bates original book, work being preserved and finally in a top popular level on Amazon after all these years of eye doctors, opticians trying to hide his original method.

I hope his original magazines do the same thing.
He put a lifetime of work into this.

PLEASE stop cyber stalking, abusing me on this Forum!

Dr. Bates

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That's great, I hope more people see it! But it looks like that page is the search results for a pretty specific set of keywords?

Nothing wrong with making money - I'm not a communist! That's one reason I added some banner ads, because I didn't want to deal with moderating the forum anymore or updating the site unless I was getting a little bit of something back in exchange for helping people.

Speaking of which, another site upgrade is in the works. On my test site I changed the homepage layout, colors, and graphics. It looks neat. Maybe this red is too aggressive. Maybe people will calm down if it's a calmer color. Smile
Site Administrator

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Yeah, in some area; Maybe in eye problems or optometry. Need to translate.

Now it's gone. Already it's off #1 level. Darn.
Maybe it will be back. Amazon changes things around a lot.

Calm down if site is a different color, Ha-Ha!
Color Therapy.

I can't deal with monitoring a Forum. I was going to have one for public and keep it strictly original Bates but too much work reading all posts every day, night keeping the spam off. Will keep it strict old time Bates but gonna use it only for students that call in or keep e-mailing 1000000 times for new and same old questions. Tell them to do it all online so everyone sees it; will cut down on the endless typing, talking, restating the same thing over and over.

I like the students, I learn from them but got to be a easier way.

Make a wish for the book. You and Perkins school and Morris Frank's Seeing Eye and Guiding Eyes are top on the list for gifts. It's only fair cause you guys preserved this and continue to go on with all of it.
Dr. Bates books 'Perfect Sight Without Glasses' and his 'Bates Better Eyesight Magazines' are listed in Sears!

In Walmart too. I wish they would post the low price Black and Whites.
Publisher might lower prices of color this year. If not done soon, going to North Atlantic books.

This has to be the year of freedom!
His books and magazines are all free online. there's no point in buying them...
Not in paperback with variety of eye charts and a lot of extra pictures, practices. is missing months, years and has many misspellings, has not been corrected for years, even after I offered him my corrected pages to place on his site.

Our books are also free on line and for download with no missing years, months, no misspellings;



BEtter Eyesight Magazine;

Modern clarifications, safety for the sunglass, open eyed sunning are added in blue text.
Finally found the entire 1940 9th print edition of Perfect Sight Without Glasses published by Emily A. Bates! With dust Jacket. A original owner's signature. Hoping for a eye doctor or someone else close to Dr. Bates. Our present book has Optometrist Harold M. Peppards signature from the Red-Maroon edition. He was trained by Bates and worked with Bates, Emily, and then continued with Emily preserving the Bates method after Dr. Bates passed away. 1943+ editions Better Eyesight Without Glasses were altered due to pressure, threats from eye doctors wanting to hide Dr. Bates experiments, proof that the method works, lot of treatments were removed, pictures gone. Emily's fundamentals and the C eyechart were added.

Will put all the extras into the final edition of our copy. Only paid $54.00 for this rare antique. Was going to pay a lady $175.00 with no jacket. Got it on Abe books. It was listed under it's 1919 name; The Cure of Imperfect Sight By Treatment Without Glasses so I didn't see it in previous searches. As creating a eyechart video, had a hunch today to search under old name.

Our book, made possible by David, will be the best one on the market! All original scanned pages, everything from all 9 print editions, plus Bates magazines 132 'Page Two' in fine print, Emily's Fundamentals legally public domain from BEM's source, extra pics, some modern Behavioral Optometry, extra sunning, sunglass instructions...
Waiting for the 1940 edition PSWG to arrive. There's a few different things added to it and Emily did not omit any of Dr. Bates pages. Seller says good condition.

Thinking about scanning it into a PDF.
If enough people want a copy, post request here or PM me. I will start the scan now.

If no one is interested I will add the extra pages solely to our other original PSWG when I send out the final 2014 editions to the publisher.

Then later in the future will scan the entire 1940 and donate to libraries listed on Worldcat... and place on website. David can place here if he likes.

So if no one wants it, it will be 2 years before I get into this new project.

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