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astigmatism double tripple image
Hi there! There is one thing I can 't seem to understand, especially when it comes to shifting or central fixation...or even the astigmatism charts. That website says to move your head along with your eyes, but if I'm using the Tibetan wheel don't I want to just move my eyes?

I would love a little explanation on when to move the head and when not to. Thanks!!

(03-11-2014, 01:39 PM)clarknight Wrote: I just typed for about 30 minutes and the entire training article did not go thorough.
Here's what I saved in word, I got most of it;

#1; Try to remove the astigmatism prescription for the glasses. Its not that strong so you will might cure the astigmatism quickly by just removing the glasses.

#2; Try to go without glasses. If you have to wear glasses for driving, work; get a reduced prescription;

And no astigmatism section prescriptions in the glasses. Go without glasses as much as possible.

#3; Learn shifting;
Doing this improves the vision and helps relaxation. Gets the eyes, muscles moving correct, coordinated and relaxed.

Palming and other practices help;

#4; Learn central-fixation but don't try hard to do it; just let it occur naturally, automatically as the eyes shift ;

#5; Mix shifting with switching close and far;

#6; Find the axis angle by looking at the astigmatism chart with no glasses; both eyes together and one eye at a time. Then follow directions on the astigmatism page; and shift, trace on the lines, one line at a time. Do extra practice on the most blurry and multiple appearing lines. You can move the whole body as the eyes (vision) moves shifts and traces along a line. Note if you feel a tense muscle, soar in the neck in certain areas; that is the area that needs easy relaxed movement. and correct the posture. practice with the charts at close and far distances. Practice with large and small charts.

Also practice tracing on the circles, spirals on the astigmatism page.

I can do a video Skype training with ya for free. Now that I know you are legit, I will accept the membership, so resend it please. Or we can stay here longer.


(03-11-2014, 01:07 PM)Billastigmatism Wrote:
(03-11-2014, 12:25 PM)Nancy Wrote:
(03-11-2014, 11:08 AM)Billastigmatism Wrote: Hello to all i am new..nice job btw..i have little myopia and astigmatism..but the problem i see double image with astigmatism i have 1.25cy with 155axis and 1.00 with 165axis..i want to please you and ask you for a good exsersice or something to see the images one not two or three..this problem rid only when i put my glasses on..if any know something how to fix please reply me thank you all and keep up the good work
Your eyes have adapted to this pattern, and the glasses are keeping it in place. Here's a post I wrote about astigmatism so you understand it better. Note any body imbalances you have like a head tilt which are keeping the astigmatism in place, but the best thing you can do is take the CYL correction out of your glasses, or even better lose the glasses altogether, and let your eyes start to adjust back to normal sight. Start noticing if the double vision is worse at some times, and see if you can catch yourself straining, and can begin letting that go. Keep us posted.
thx for your answer can you tell me an exaple what i must change in life or what exsersice should i do??i dont wear glasses now from long time but double image still

Ok, good! No glasses, yeah! We can fix this easy.

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