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How much strain/stress is appropriate?
While trying to push your vision and see farther, how much strain is it appropriate?

While practicing I tend to open my eyes wider than normal and really try to clear my vision, but this puts strain on my eyes as well as the muscles around the top of my head. (brow/forehead and even behind the temple region.)

Tends to stress me out quite a bit, but I don't feel I can push my vision as much if I'm not doing it.

Necessary evil or am I just doing something improperly/overdoing it?
(03-13-2014, 05:03 AM)wtfgod Wrote: Necessary evil or am I just doing something improperly/overdoing it?

I guess it depends who you ask.
There seem to be two branches: one suggests that you read fine print when you see clearly and as you read it you will see it even more clearly. That should not stress you out too much and it is said your eyesight will improve.
Another says that you should read blurry text and the eyes will follow, your eyes will improve again.
By the way, it may be necessarily evil, I had a theory that turned off muscles come alive again, that is not pleasant. (I read some other people believe in it as well)
The other opinion I read says you may be over-stressing your visual system, you reached your limits. That is it.
Now which one is true?
Sorry not sure...
Unless you believe in someone's opinion without doubt, you need to try out and see which one produces result. If you are lucky, reading clear text may bring results as well and you will not have to endure.
By the way, you could add swinging or palming as well to reduce strain or you could add reading crisp fine print once a while.

I found reading crisp fine print is relaxing and swinging and palming.
There seem to be difference in effectiveness for me.
Reading fine print is at least 20 times more relaxing than swinging.
And swinging may be 4 times as relaxing as palming.
Though I also noticed they have different effect.

For the past two days I haven't really done any text pushing, was starting to feel like my forehead would get stuck in a scrunched position. Sad

Going to see if I can learn to focus my eyes without engaging any facial muscles. Either that or wear a tight headband to keep pressure on my foreheard/temple to keep them I need to look like more of an idiot while practicing. Cool

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