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The Fourth Habit: Swallow
Hello again

Remember the Sketch, Breathe, Blink Method by Tom Quackenbush?
Well I discovered there is something missing in his method, which is an involuntary act of course like the rest of them, and a really important one. Yes as you saw in the title, it is Swallow.
So it goes like this Shift, Breathe, Blink, Swallow, and I think the order or frequency of them are not really important, what really is important is to keep doing them in an any order you feel is required. When we are not doing them, we are in a state of straining. I guess the most effective of all would be doing them simultaneously. (Actually I like to call sketching, shifting as Bates calls it, because I suppose less effort is involved in the word shifting, for example shifting from near/far is like shifting gears)

BTW, as I mentioned earlier, the true vision organ is our nose of course, the more you pay attention to your nose the less likely you'll strain, it is said that the universe revolves around our noses Smile

So if you are practicing this method of Tom Quackenbush, then also remember to Swallow, you will find out, Swallowing is a really effective strain remover.

Ah I forgot, if you really do not appreciate the body you want to heal, none of this really works!

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