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Subscribe for email updates!
After all these years, I finally have an email newsletter feature set up. You'll get updates for new blog posts and anything else I might want to share.

Nowadays this is like one of the first features any site puts up. Build an email list, they say. Blast out emails regularly to bring them back, they say. It's the easiest way to retain interested people and costs almost nothing, they say. I know, I know, But now it's finally up and running, and the emails for new blog posts are automatic, so it won't depend on me to keep the regular emails going out.

Technically I already have a thousand email addresses for forum users, but it's impolite to just add them to a list. Still, I think it would be smart if I sent a one-time email to all forum members inviting them to subscribe.
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"Half of our funny, heathen lives, we are bent double to gather things we have tossed away." - George Meredith
Thank you! I just subscribed to the daily update, so I don't miss anything, especially while I'm travelling and don't have time to get to the forum every day to see what's new and if I can help someone. My own email list is still pretty small, and I just started putting out a newsletter a few months ago. I also post this on Facebook on my own page and on my energy medicine group page, as well as in my old dreamersight blog. I checked into the email guys for sending html, big (aweber) and little (mailchimp), and decided to just do it myself with the mail client thunderbird. I do need to do a bit of tweaking to get images to be handled, but I have a detailed set of notes for myself now so once I have the newsletter ready I can get it out pretty quickly, and don't have to depend on anyone else or give away my list of cherished contacts which is big for me. If you're interested in more detail about exactly what I do, let me know. Let's keep spreading the word about vision improvement!
I use VerticalResponse for my business email list. It's not the best, but it's good enough at handling 2000 subscribers and tracking clicks to see what really interests people. With that many a service is almost mandatory because ISPs limit bulk email through their servers.

With this one the numbers are low, so I'll just send it through my newsletter tool on the site, or with Outlook.

And just to be clear, new forum posts aren't included in the emails. But maybe that's something I can work in in the future.
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"Half of our funny, heathen lives, we are bent double to gather things we have tossed away." - George Meredith


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