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Inability to look people in the eye and other complications
This issue of not looking people in the eye has plagued me ever since i was young. I believe i had that issue when i still had good vision which was like 7-8 years ago. The worst part of all of this takes place mostly at high school. Every time i'm walking in the hallways, i can't look straight, so i just look at a wall, lockers or at the ground while walking. I'm pretty sure that if i didn't have this issue, my vision would probably improve drastically. I even feel strained when people look at me or glance my way. This strain is present even when my parents look. When i sense their glance, i end up fidgeting or acting in a weird way that provokes them to ask if i'm OK or not. I'm even strained while i'm waiting for the bus in the mornings. Does anyone else have these issues? If so, did you get past the nervous strain, and change your state of being to a more relaxed one? I'm beginning to understand the concepts of oppositional movement, central fixation, and shifting, but this nervous strain is seriously holding me back. In fact, i think this nervous strain has been present all my life.
Short answer: yes, me too. Lifelong anxiety, lifelong introvert, lifelong strong myopia. Focus on relaxing and getting less anxious, whether it's with exercise or meditation or reaching out gradually. You are not the only one, believe me.

If you search my dreamersight blog for "being seen" you'll find some posts like this one which may help.
Good luck!
The article was quite helpful and informative. I really paid attention to the part about the real self, and sensitivity. When i was younger, my parents always conceived me as being sensitive. Every time a negative experience happens to me, it nags at me for some time. It's quite difficult to let go of the negative experience and move on with life.
OK, good awareness. Sensitive is not bad! See this which I wrote here recently. You just need to learn to manage it, the same as needing to know when your body needs to eat or sleep. Journalling may help, getting those feelings out of you and onto the paper (or computer screen), or sweating them out with vigorous exercise, or doing some energy releasing work like EFT which is one of my favorites. I started years ago focusing on improving my eyesight, and am now much more interested in improving my emotional peace. And when I'm calm and happy, I can see clearly!
I have a question. During your journey through the bates method and improving your vision, did skeptics really get on your nerves, or did you just brush them off and didn't care what they thought? Since i'm somewhat sensitive, i got really aggravated by the skeptics in the past , but i no longer care about skeptics as i used to. I focus on trying to feel relaxed and comfortable instead of being bogged down by skeptics. My desire for dynamic relaxation and feeling grounded and comfortable was far too great to stoop to the level of the skeptics and worry about what they think. I admit that the skeptics still bug me but after 30 minutes, i feel calm and relaxed like i was previously.
Yes, skeptics used to bother me. I felt attacked when someone asked me, when I was looking closely at something in the grocery store so I could see it, "Do you need glasses?". Sometimes they were outright hostile. As my self-confidence grew and I knew I was doing the right thing for myself, I either used this as a teaching moment ("I'm improving my vision!") or joked about it. And as I don't have to be so close now to something to see it this is happening a lot less. I appear normal! I find that if I know I'm OK, other people pick up the vibe and think I'm OK too. When I was anxious all the time I was like bait for predators. You're doing the right thing, so keep it up!

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