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Nose pencil gets on my nerves
I keep hearing and reading about the nose feather or the nose pencil.

But I just can't really move my head and the pencil. I have to move my head in circles with just makes me look stupid. My head movements are not small and subtle yet. They are big and bulky.

It's almost easier to use my forehead: a forehead pencil so to say.

I'm trying hard to find a B-teacher around Ohio. I've been doing this for forever and still only little results.
I think the imaginary nose feather and pencil are to get you to stop making a big deal about shifting your eyes around. Staring at no particular thing is bad, but so is moving your eyes around without being attentive to the particular details at each destination. Pointing your nose around to details is fine, but if you do it faster than you can engage with each detail you're putting the cart before the horse. I think it's better to think about each spot or detail in turn and letting your eyes drift to it. So rather than pushing your eyes in front of you, so to speak, you lead with your attention and your eyes get tugged along behind you.
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