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Gaining insight from people with normal vision

I would bet that people with normal vision do get some good rest of their eyes while sleeping, and that's why plenty of people report having clear vision in the morning. Bates observation that people strain during sleep pertained, I think, to those with poor vision.

People with normal vision don't have to practice any of these techniques that are supposed to get people to where they are, since they do things right unconsciously. I guess what you could do, then, is get them to notice what they are unconsciously doing that maintains good eyesight.

That's why I think asking people what happens from the time that they have slightly blurred vision to when they regain clarity could be useful. Something goes on where they bounce back instead of tumbling downward into poorer vision, and it'd be nice to know how that happened.


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RE: Gaining insight from people with normal vision - by ted - 07-07-2014, 11:43 PM