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SUCCESS :), after 5 years with no luck
Paul, I wanted to ask you how did you get your clear flash and would you explain a bit more about your "eye gym" which you used to repeat clear flashes?
Thank you for your answer in advance,
I see more and more people with bad posture.  Dodgy

I wonder if in a generation or two that can become a genetic fact. If that happens than according to Paul we will all (not only look bad but also) have eyesight problems just from that reason.
I am sorry, Mr. Paul888 !
I not yet read your thread until finish.
Because beside my english little bad, my eyes so pain, tired, strain, headache, and stomacache like will vommiting when see or read something.

My eyes blurry and tense after I was force reading book although my eyes tired.

Almost 1 week like this.
It's uncomfortable.

Please, give point for just cure my pain and relax my eyes!

I am so sorry to bothering you!!
Thank you so much in advance!
(06-26-2016, 12:35 PM)tJakov Vodanović Wrote: Paul, I wanted to ask you how did you get your clear flash and would you explain a bit more about your "eye gym" which you used to repeat clear flashes?
Thank you for your answer in advance,
No, I will not tell anyone what I did in order to start and repeat clear flashes, because this was artificial exercise (similar to palming, but MUCH stronger), and this is not how eyesight should work. Clear flashes must start without any exercise, as a result of face and neck muscles relaxation, and in order to relax these muscles naturally, you must fix your skieleton first, because this is what provide relaxation to your muscles.

Important part of human skeleton are teeth. Right now I know for a fact, that my bad teeth condition was absolutely responsible for my eyesight problems (and I have every reason to belive the same applays to anyone else).

Below there are some results of good dential work when it comes to eyesight improvement:
Quote:When my son of 3.5 years of age was looking at TV, I recognized his
squint. I brought him to an ophthalmologist and he was diagnosed to have
squint due to farsighted eyes. Because of severe farsighted eyes, he
underwent surgical operation and wore a pair of eye glasses.An optician told me
that farsighted eyes would be gradually alleviated over time but no improvement
was found. The ophthalmologist recommended us to visit a University
hospital.Under such situations (1997), I happened to listen to Dr. Muratsu’s
lecture.Around such an occasion, my younger son was subjected to orthodontics at
Dr. Muratsu’s Clinic. In 1999, the elder son received consultation from Dr.
Muratsu and underwent orthodontics. My son was found to have abnormal
bites of teeth. To our surprise, the strong glasses could be changed to
weak glasses almost by half. The previous power of vision with eye glasses
was 1.0~0.9. After correction of abnormal bites of teeth, the power of
vision with eye glasses was improved to 1.5 while his facial expression was
bright with good concentrating power. I think that he should have visited Dr.
Muratsu’s Dental Clinic.
(Mother of a 16-year-old boy, Ohkawa city, Fukuoka

Quote:Before receiving treatment of abnormal bites, I had imbalanced legs but
after treatment, such abnormality was removed while blurred vision was also
eliminated. It was my first experience to have fresh sensation within oral
cavity which was quite different perception from those after teeth blushing or
gargling. After removal of metal implantation and teeth grinding, I recognized
the importance of correct bites of teeth. According to my past
experiences, sitting in a chair in the dental clinic for a couple of hours
(about 3.5 hours long) was associated with occurrence of low back pain or
nausea; however, better feeling was obtained. It is quire curious. I
know importance of teeth!
(A 34-year-old woman, Kasuga city)

Quote:Concerning vision and visual acuity, promptly after normalization of abnormal bites, vision became brighter and blurred vision was improved. Such a comment was heard among the patients who received “Hazo” treatment. In this 34-year-old woman’s case, she said “Blurred vision was improved” indicating that improvement of “Hazo diseases” resulted in recovery of visual abnormality. In this patient, blurred vision progressed slowly whereby she thought “Such a blurred vision is associated with aging” and she despaired of such inconvenience. In actuality, visual abnormality derived from teeth.For example, abnormal bite is associated with habitual occurrence of one-sided chewing but once such a bad habit occurs, continuous strong biting pressure like several dozens kg is constantly loaded on one side maxillary bone, leading to occurrence of lateral difference on trabecular bone evolving into shift of optic axis. Once optic axis is shifted, abnormality in eyes is naturally induced. One-sided chewing needs due attention in favor of eyes. Teeth also induce abnormality in eyes.

You NEED to fix your teeth first. Otherwise eye exercises (also palming and any other exercise that induce clear flashes) will be useless.


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