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SUCCESS :), after 5 years with no luck
Hi guys, I'm from Poland, and I spend 5 years trying to restore my eyesight. I kid you not, but I tried almost all eye exercises books/methods that are out there. All of them promised results BUT NONE HELEPED ME. Because of that I had 2 options:

1- continue wearing glasses and wait until I become blind (I had only -0.5 when I was 3 years old, but it reach -8 and 4 cyl astigmatism when I was 25 years old thanks to glasses)
2- do everything I can, do my own experiments and finally find something that will work.

In order to make long story short, I followed 2'rd option :).

First, I was just paying attention to how my eyesight really works. I remember when I was just walking down the street (around 2-4 hours every day, peer week), and sudenly something happened :). For first time, I was seeing CLEAR FLASHES, and it changed EVERYTHING. Hope was born into me, and my logic was "my eyesight can work fine even without glasses, and I just only need to find out, how to replicate that clear flash :), and make it permanent.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein,
I spend 2 years researching, trying various things, and I pay attention to this Albert Einstein words :). If something didnt work right away, I was trying to tweak that, or forget about it and do something different. It took me TWO YEARS to find out how to replicate that "clear flashes", and I was using my clear flash exercise everywhere I go :). I learn, that each clear flash was like a "eye gym", you do it once, and second time it will stay longer. I was playing with "clear flashes" everywhere I go, and soon my vision started FLUCTUATE like crazy, even when I stoped doing my execise. One second I was seeing like -8, and few seconds later very clearly, it was like my eyes become lens of "camera", that was trying to adjuct focus on every object that was in front of me.

Although my eyesight was MUCH better after these clear flashes, something was not right :(. At the end of the day, my eyes become VERY tired, I have never felt so much pain into my eyeballs, and It was very hard time for me to even move my eyes to the left or right. I have found out, that only one guy "Paul Anderson" was talking about this pain" in his ebook "Paul's Pathway To Normal Vision". Although Anderson opinion was, that this eye ball pain is good sign, my understanding was different. My opinion was that "pain is always a bad sign" it's our body way to tell us, that something is not right ("stop, or reduce what you are doing").

It took me another few years, to find out why that pain happens, and that lead me to the real root, of my eye problems :). You see guys, eye's arnt separate part in our bodies, so YOU NEED TO TREAT ALL MUSCLE IMBALANCES IN YOUR BODY, not just eyes!!! If just one muscle will not work as it should, your whole body will try to addopt to this new situation, and create more imbalances (and our eyes are just end result of that). For example if you have collapsed arches in your foot, that "part" will soon change your walking style, and your body will even switch off some muscles, and strain other muscles. For example abdominal muscles, if abdominals dont work as intended, your intestines will STRAIN,your lower back will strain, and your neck will strain (in the end, your eyes also). Because I learned on my mistakes, I can really see where are these muscles imbalances in poeple bodies now. But here's real problem, i'ts not easy to correct. For some people it may took YEARS to correct their muscle imbalances.

Now is the best part, when you correct that root corse, than you dont need eye exercises :), eye muscles will start to work (you will see HUGE fluctuations) without any effort or exercise.

Now my only exercise is just looking :). Yes Bates wrote about shifting, central fixation etc. but this things happen naturally, and you dont need to learn this things. When I had muscle imbalances in my body, my eyes were running like on LOW Battery, shifting was tiring, simple looking was tiring etc. Only when I have finally fixed muscle imbalances in WHOLE BODY, eye muscles started to relax and work as they should. Eyes NEED CONSTANT oxygen/nutrients/energy flow to them, and if that happen with ease, eyes will feel so much relieved. Then, your eyes will WANT YOU to look at every detail possible, and you will constantly be shifting (and see clear flashes without any pain involved).

Now I can see soo much better that it's hard to belive :). With every day now I have stronger eyesight, and I'm already counting days to 20/20 vision :). Before, my vision was fluctuating, now after few fluctuation it stays at very high level :D, it's very permanent.

What I learned:

- shifting, cental fixation is very relaxing, but only when "your energy supply" works as it should :)

- BEFORE popular eye exercise with eye roling and circles was useless for me, I had no results after these exercises. But again, it all changed when "fluctuations" started :). It looks like my eyes was lacking "focusing" power before, but now everytime I move my eyes during this "fucusing / fluctuations", I can feel nice streetch in my eye musles, and relaxation in the same time :)

- If you go to sleep with strained eyes, that strain will continue entire night and your eyes will not rest. Going to sleep with already relaxed eyes is essential

- palming wasnt that good for me. In the best case, it worked only for few minutes, but later (15 minutes and more) Lack of movement only strained my eyes. Theres was a time, when I was palming literaly for hours every day, and with every hour my eyes were becoming more and more strained.

- When your eyes will be running on good energy supply (eyes will feel very relaxed, there will be no tirednes at all), then you need to build up focusing power :). Here's a great part, you can use PC for that!!, and still improve your vision. All what it takes is to choose corect distance, for example if you can see clearly at 30 cm distance, place PC monitor just few cm away, for example 35 cm. You will still see shapes, and vision "fluctuations" will constantly bring missing details into focus (its like gym for your eyesight). I have found out, that using PC now is very relaxing and very good exercise :), no wonder many people that are using PC still has good vision :).

- avoid using glasses at all. I was trying reduced prescriptions (I bought many pairs), but all of them strained my eyes (full prescription was the worst)

- all muscles in our body repairs trugh inflammation, and when eye myscles will start to rebuild for real, you will fell warm feeling (or even HEAT) around your eyes. Just dont confuse this with pain :)

- remember Einstein words, if you cant see results quickly, change what you are doing, because it's not working!!! If you do eye exercise, that really works, your eyesight should fluctuate or improve the same minute.
1) "eye's arnt separate part in our bodies, so YOU NEED TO TREAT ALL MUSCLE IMBALANCES IN YOUR BODY, not just eyes!!! If just one muscle will not work as it should, your whole body will try to addopt to this new situation, and create more imbalances (and our eyes are just end result of that)."

2) "Eyes NEED CONSTANT oxygen/nutrients/energy flow to them, and if that happen with ease, eyes will feel so much relieved."

3) " If you go to sleep with strained eyes, that strain will continue entire night and your eyes will not rest. Going to sleep with already relaxed eyes is essential."


1) All tissues are connected in our bodies and it's true that any imbalance is better to be solved prior making to you more and more problems.

2) The eyes do need constant energy flow, but also cleaning of the toxins si good blood flow is essential here. But if one keeps their necks frozen then iit's virtually impossible to have adecuate blood flow in your head. But you can't unfreeze your neck prior unreezing your upper back. But your upper back is connected to your middle back and your middle back is tied to your lower back. You can't unfreeze them so easily before you check your hip area and if you are stiff there go a little bit down - probably you need to work on your legs too. Your knees are connected to your feet, let's see what's happening with them. Good blood flow is a natural consequence of usage of all our bodily muscles and good condition of their tendons and the joints. Imbalances of any kind will inevitably bring you some noticed or unnoticed bad consequences.

An extra line on this:

Just look how most of people with poor vision keep their heads. Usually it's too forward (the result of the constant trying to see the things) or/and they look to downwards. And you don't have to touch them - you see their neck is stiff.

3) I also noticed that is essential to go to the bed with your eyes rested. It's a good idea to do some kind of yoga or a common stretching of your body and rest your eyes for a while before you go to sleep.

I can't understand all your points, Paul888, but I'm glad that you have finally found a formula that works in your case. How good/bad your vision is now precisely (dioptres and charts)? Are you really close to 20/20? If so than this is an excellent news for the people who wear -8.0 lenses.
Congratulations anyway for being so persistent.
If you're not joking poor people on this forum (Dodgy) than your persistence and achievement can already be a model and inspiration for many.
Quote:I can't understand all your points,
So I will make it shorter for you :D. When your eyes will be not strained from other muscle imbalances, they will recive proper energy supply. From that moment, all you have to do is just using your eyes :D, because your eye muscles will be relaxing without your intervention, meaning no need for any specific exercise. Just remember, If you have "low energy supply" nothing will work :D. On the other side, when you have "good energy supply" everything will work :).

Quote:How good/bad your vision is now precisely (dioptres and charts)?
You see, I didn't posted any "diopters" for a reason, because my eyesight doesnt work that way. For example one seccond I'm seeing worse, seccond later better than even with my last glasses on. But there's something I would call "average" eyesight quality, and I will tell you, that it's FAR BEYOND what I was seeing before. For example, in order to read letters from my PC screen I litteraly had to put my nose into PC screen!!! My sister is a doctor, so she said I would ruin my eyesight by doing that, but I never listened to any women :D, and I continued doing things my way :). Whats funny, even at 5-7 cm distance, my eyesight was much more relaxed compared to wearing glasses. Soon I was able to feel "near point strees", and I know the right moment ( when it happen). When I put my glasses on and look at PC moinitor from 50 cm distance, near point strees happen very fast (after 30 minutes), and in comparision I had to spend almost 10 hours without glasses at 5-7 cm distance, to feel similar strain (and still strain with glasses was worse!!!). Now I can work at 40 cm distance at ease (before 5-7cm), and if I just wanted to, I can put my monitor even at longer distance, because if I cant read one latter right away, fluctuations will bring that missing details into focus. The last time, when I tried my reduced prescription glasses (-4, with no cylinders) I literaly had to put them off, because everything was too sharp in them and it strained my eyes constantly (soo looks like my average eyesight is already better than -4).

Now how it looks, when I walk down the street. When I just go out, my "average" eyesight will be constantly building up :D, with every clear flash/ eyesight fluctiation. After few fluctuations power in my eye muscles builds up to the point when almost 20/20 average qulity kicks in :), it looks like I walking with my glasses on (but I need to say, in bad lighting conditions, these fluctuations are much slower, but still works).

Just image "Bates" palming exercise, and you would know, how my eyesight works. When you palm for five minutes and than look for something in the distance, you will see, that your eyes will bring into focus missing details, that you didnt see before, it's like "fluctuation". In my case, I dont need to palm :D in order to see these fluctuations. My eyes constalnty keeps focusing, if I cant see something clearly (meaning my eyes constalnty works :D). Just compare one small clear flash after 5 minutes of palming to 12 hours of CONSTANT fluctuations :D.

Right now, there's only one guy (M. Norbekov), who mention what I'm seeing (he talks about these fluctuations). The only difference between his approach and my is, he is using exercises for that fluctuations, and I'm using no exercise at all :D. I even can see now why norbekov is adivsing "gymnastic" (it makes sense for me now), because if you have small muscle imbalances something like that would work :D, and it can bring (restore) "power supply" to the eyes.

But my opinion is, most people needs to spend YEARS to overcome their spine/muscle imbalances problems (epecialy if you are over 50 years old your spine/myscles could be in such a bad condition, that I dont know if something ever could be done for you, sorry to say that, but I'm just being realistic here). Something that simple as gymnastic as norbekov advices is stupid idea and it will now work for everyone, because people has specific problems, and needs to adress to theris specific muscle imbalances (and even your walking style counts !!!!!). If you use bad exercise for your spine/muscle case, it can even make things worse!!! You only need to strengthen weak muscles, not all muscles!!!

Whats funny, before I was walking like a robot :D, there was no life and movement in my muscles (especialy in upper body), and now I kid you not, but my walk looks like "lion walk" :), and I love to watch myself in mirrors when I walk now (EVERY MUSCLE WORKS :D, and it feels great). Whats funny, I even stoped using backsits of my chair when I sit now :D, now it's very hard to slump for more than few secconds (I dont feel tirednes and need to use backsit). For example if I slump down to reach something :D, my spine will pull me back to erect state :D (it fills like spring, I can really feel all the muscles puling me back). Last week I went to the cinema, and I had to use backsit for 2 hours, AND IT WAS DRAMA FOR ME, my spine wanted to pull me back to straight state and it feel VERY uncomfortable, when I was slumped into this curved back sit. After film endend, and I feelt HUGE relive, when I stand up (before, when I was wearing glasses, I had no prolblems siting in slumped possition in the same seat !!) and it took few minutes, until my healthly and alive walking style kicked in again.

People oftern say now, I have "animalistic walk", and even when I'm sitting my posture is PERFECT. I had to study my individual muscle imbalances, and work with them. If you restore "energy supply" to your eyes, you will see fluctuation, and In my opinion these fluctuations are the key. If you eyes dont want to focus and work, how someone can expect his vision will improve with time ? No wonder people are walking without glasses and dont improve their eyesight even after few years !! Answer to this is "They dont even started working with theri eyesight", they just following useless advises that will never work !!!

[Image: fw9b.png]
This picture has been taken over 100 years before :). You could see, this two guys on the back are not using any back sit, but they are mentaining erect possition without problems (not like people today, if you have badly curved spine, you would want slump after just 1 minute). I can promisse you, these guys are not tired at all :), even if they had to sit in this way enire day. Whats the main problem with "slumped sitting" ? It turns off you abdominal muscles, but that muscles would work in erect state and especialy during motion and walking. Abdominals are VERY IMPORTANT muscles, they are helping you mentain staight erect state without problems, and they help with your intesintes function (abdominals are like inner gorset for your intestines, keeping them in place). People think, they need to exercise in order to see flat belly and abdominal muscles, but I say it's not true :). If your abdominal muscles are turned on (as they should), you dont need to exercise them, they will be working entire day :), not only during exercises.

[Image: poor-sitting-posture.jpg]
Many people sit like that, and later wonder why they feel back pain or have problems with their eyes. Maybe now all of you can see, why eye exercises didnt work for almost any people!! Eyes alone are not responsible for your bad eyesight :)

Just notice difference in neck posture
[Image: postural-distortions-and-posture1.jpg]
[Image: drew_barrymore_anterior_head_carriage1.jpg]

and neck posture 100 years ago
[Image: 9xc8.png]
[Image: 11uo1.jpg]

[Image: ek9t.jpg]
And here's small kid :), without damage, that modern lives puts later into our spines (that kid has straight spine and perfect neck posture :)

BTW- sorry guys for my language skills. I didnt learn English in school, I was just watching films :D. I can understand everything in english, but I dont know how to use english grammar (sorry for that).
Now that's what I call an answer! Smile

Even if the statements are wrong at least they are elaborated in detail. Smile

But I don't think they are wrong. The thing is that I'm a very curios person willing to ask the questions one after another, over and over again.

As for the muscles, Meir Schneider uses to say that we humans have six hundreed muscles but most of us use only between fifty to hundreed. That means - more tension to them, because we use them too much. And some muscles we never use. That makes a lot of imbalances in our bodies. Eighty per cent of modern grown ups have back problems, most of people have incredibly frozen trapesius and pay attention to this: a quarter of American population has arthritis.
So we need to find the muscles we never use, train them and connect them with the muscles we always use and make the things work the way they are designed by nature.

If you, Paul888, have solved all those imbalances then you feel great all the time. When you walk you must be feeling like almost flying, you're light. You feel nice when sitting, sleeping, standing, walking, bending, stretching... And this brings a lot of benefit to your overall health, both physical and mental.
It's easier to mentain a good mood and positive spirit if you don't have your muscles stressed and you can keep a nice posture.

The other thing is how to acquire knowledge to accomplish all this.
Quote: The other thing is how to acquire knowledge to accomplish all this.
I was learning on my mistakes, and it's very painful process.

How to know, you are on right track with your posture and muscle imbalances ? You will grow up :) (I grow up 2 cm after rebuilding my spine), and standing will be very comfortable, in fact even more confortable than lying in bed :). Also you will feel your abdominals working even during simplest task like walking, standing, or even sitting with erect straight position, and you will feel so much lighter :). But the most important thing is, looking will not strain your eyes and you will see vision fluctuations :).
Let's push this story further.

This is an excellent exercise that'll help virtually everyone with the back problems. Or to be more precise: you'll feel better after you do it. With some extra exercises it can really start to put the things in the order.

Lay down on the floor with your knees slightly bent. Start to roll from the left to the right and vice versa but keep your feet on the floor. Breeth deeply and slowly. Then turn to the left side, hold your head with your left hand and roll a bit ( just slightly). Do the same thing with your right side. Then do the rolling from side to side again. Listen to some nice music. After ten minutes get up. Better? Hehe...

Just to add: lay down on the floor but feel comfortable. If you have a nice soft carpet that's excellent - if not put some yoga mat or whatever similar.
No wreszcie jakiś Polak na forum, jak fajnie Big Grin

Well, after some time with the method my conclusions are pretty similar to yours. Stick to something that does work Smile

hope to hear more from you and to learn from your experiences.
Hey Paul it’s great that you have vision fluctuations. This is the sign of progress. However check your vision not only with Snellen card but with edge of blur distance.
Cover one eye and get closer to the screen until text is 100% sharp then move further away until it slightly blurs and measure that distance. Then repeat with other eye.
The accuracy of this is not so great but it’s directly related to your error of refraction. Vision fluctuations happen in brain. We want some REAL refractive error changes.
I also have those vision fluctuations. They stated after month of eye exercises.
It’s sad but true that real refractive error changes very very slow.
Yankes@ mi się natomiast wydaje, że wszędzie nas pełno Smile

Christof@ I'm not so sure, we are talking about the same fluctuations. In the beginning I was seeing few clear flashes and vision fluctuations, but they were rare, and my "average" eyesight was almost unchanged after them. But fluctuations that I'm talking about here are far more agressive, before I had clear flashes only when I was ULTRA rexaled, now my eyes are adjusting clarity in EVERY seccond and "pushing" my average eyesight higher with every single fluctuation. After couple of these fluctuations, there is a point, where my eyesight will kick in (or start) like car engine, and my "average eyesight" will go up (60-70% better). With every day that "average eyesight" improvement is better, it starts faster, and stay longer.

5 years ago, there was one guy, who restored -4.75 vision in 4 months with similar fluctuations, but M. Norbekov in his book say, that proper use of "fluctuations" can restore 2 diopters peer week. My improvement doesnt look like 2 diopters peer week, but I think it may be possible after some tweaking (currently, I'm using NO EYE EXERCISES INVOLVING USE OF THAT FLUCTUATIONS, contrary to norbekov approach, because he is using special exercise for that). But that's ok, MY EYESIGHT is improving with every single day, and it's fast enough for me, I'm happy with that Smile.
Yes, now I experience those fluctuations all the time too. It started the same, single flash per day or two. At the beginning after I discarded my glasses I couldn’t see 20/200 letter with each eye. My last prescription was left eye:-3D 1.5CYL and right eye:-4.5D 1.5CYL.
Now 3 months later after some focusing I can recognize 20/30(left eye) and 20/50(right eye).
However total refractive state didn’t change significantly. Edge of blur distance:
Left eye -> 35cm
Righ eye -> 24cm
Unfortunately I didn’t test it in the beginning.
So here is my point not to relay so much on vision acuity testing. As you can see those clear flashes and fluctuations give a really big boost.
2D per week and -4.75D in 4 months it sounds like a miracle and I really doubt that it is possible.
I agree that when you experience those fluctuations it is possible to restore vision without any exercises. Focusing happens all the time.
The point of exercising is to get more positive stimulation in short period of time. I do focusing exercise with each eye 1 hour a day WITHOUT A BREAK. The only objective is to clear letters not to read them.
As in your case there was a huge strain, pain in eyes and headache at the beginning. After 2 weeks they were gone forever.
I find it really funny that there are two schools of vision improvement. One bases on positive stimulation with print pushing and focusing and other on relaxation. I stick with first.
(07-22-2014, 01:21 PM)Christof Wrote: I find it really funny that there are two schools of vision improvement. One bases on positive stimulation with print pushing and focusing and other on relaxation. I stick with first.

There's probably ten thousand schools of vision improvement. Depends on how you define things. What exactly do you mean by 'relaxation?'
By relaxation I mean all those things related with palming, imagination, seeing things moving and posture correction.
However I don’t say that they are wrong or criticize them. I just don’t get it, and probably make a mistake by taking them to one bag called “relaxation”. Imagination is a powerful thing if used right for example it can cure phobias and anxiety.
Print pushing is no brainer and anyone can do it, but I know it works.
Maybe those miracle like improvements that Paul talks about are due to use of imagination? I would really like to hear more about them.
Quote:However total refractive state didn’t change significantly. Edge of blur distance:
Left eye -> 35cm
Righ eye -> 24cm
If I will go walking, I will not only see HUGE eyesight boost 60-70% (it almost looks like walking with my glasses on) that is lasting for one hour or even 2 hours period (that period is longer with every day), but also my "edge of blur distance" will be improved with 3-5 cm distance after these 2 hours time period (so the same day). But here's the thing, I cant add another 3-5 cm after every 2 hours :D, I learn, that this "3-5 cm improvement" must heal (recover) in order to make that improvement really permanent. In my experience it looks like eye muscles needs at least 2-3 days to fully recover, similar to what Norbekov has wrote in his book. After that time your new "edge of blur improvement" will be permanent no mater what you do, only then you can add another 3-5 cm :).

Quote:2D per week and -4.75D in 4 months it sounds like a miracle and I really doubt that it is possible.
Leo Angart was even faster, -5.5D in 3 months, and my Norbekov instructor restored similar dioptre in just 40 days (she was even on TV), whats more, Norbekov himself wrote in his book, that 2 dipters peer week are possible, and after seeing my results I have no reason to doubt that

But here's the thing, people counts only duration of time, when their eyes started improving, and that indeed may look very fast. But in reality I had to spend months to deal with my muscle imbalances and spine aligement first, and only then vision improvement started for real. Christof, if you already can see fluctuations, I would say that you are beginning to close, to your optimal posture and spine aligement, but still something is missing, and that missing thing prevents your eyesight engine to start after these fluctuations. There was a time, when I started seeing these fluctuations, but that didnt ignite my "eyesight engine". Only when I correctet ALL OF MY MUSCLE IMBALANCES, my eyesight started igniting after these fluctuations. It should look like these : few fluctuations iginite period of improvement, and with every "ignite", that period of improvement will be longer. If you see fluctuation, it's a sign, that your eye muscles are beginning to relax, but in order to see that "ignited" period of improvement, your eye muscles needs to relax fully (and they can only do that, when other muscles in your body will be relaxed)

Quote: One bases on positive stimulation with print pushing and focusing and other on relaxation. I stick with first.
My opinion is, both share the same importance. Focusing and print pushing is important, but also relaxation. If I look into distance, relaxing my mind will help my eyes to focus, and fluctuation will work much faster. For example:

-object on 2 meters distance need "almost no" amount of relaxation,
-object on 10 meters need "some" amount of relaxation in order to see it clearly faster
-object on 20 meteres need "much higher" amount of relaxation in order to see it clearly faster.

It may look complicated at first, but with practice it became my second nature. That "relaxation" is passive, you just submiting your eyes to work and they will focus, if you just dont interfere. For example if I cant see something, it isnt streesing to me, I will just shift to other object, and second later, when I look at that object again I will see it clearly. Not only that, as soon when my eyes will be able to see that object clearly, I will look for smaler and smaler details on that object (smalest details possible) and that action brings even more relaxation to my eyes.

Although I'm not a big fan of palming (I dont need palming to relax, and I cant build up focusing power without looking at anything), but I need to say, palming can teach you to learn proper relaxed state of mind, and this is very important.
So anyway, remember your edge of blur distance and we will check it next month. I am sure that Ricky will post it too, because he has already improved.
Good luck!
Yes I will definetely do that. In a month I'll post my improvements.


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